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Buying packaged Silage in Kenya will soon be a reality

The key to unlocking the potential of Kenya’s dairy sector lies with the improvement of feed and forage. Over the years farmers have gradually learnt how to meet their livestock feed and fodder demands through making of silage. However, a farmer has t have enough land to grow maize for silage and additional space to make this too. This is however changing with the introduction of high compression silage baling equipment in Kenya.

Dairy farmers in Kenya will soon see the cost of feeding their animals go down after a group of investors introduced the first silage baling machine into the country. The machine can bale 400 bales of silage in a day with one bale selling for Ksh 5,000 (Weighing between 350 kgs and 400 kg). This will help small scale farmers with pieces of land to access silage throughout the year.

By compressing the silage into portable bales, this has solved the transportation issue faced by Kenyan farmers. It ill be now easy to buy and deliver silage in Kenya.

“This is the latest machine that makes vacuum baled silage for dairy farmers,” says Mr De Jong from Fodder Innovative Team, who mans the machine. This is how it works. The machine scoops silage, packs it into huge rolls, wraps the roll using whitish nylon paper and finally rolls it to the ground. The silage is wrapped in quality material to guarantee freshness. This process happens in minutes.

Farmhands are on standby to push the wrapped silage roll to a different location. The ready silage bales are kept on a safe corner ready for transport to various locations depending on orders from dairy farmers. Mr Jong says silage baling machine has enhanced how silage is packaged and stored and for dairy farmers it means high milk yields and higher profit margins. Jong says the packed silage is of high quality and nutritious to dairy cows. He explains: “In dairy farming, forage is the most essential feed component. Providing high quality silage at cheaper prices is key to unlocking the huge potential and enhance the competitiveness of the dairy industry in Kenya and beyond. This can only happen with improvement of feed and forage systems.”

Good silage

For those interested, the whole process from cutting to baling to wrapping, stacking and storing needs critical care to avoid spoilage and wastage. One critical aspect of bale wrapping is selection of a high quality wrap for best protection. Good quality bale wrap withstands rigours of high speed wrapping equipment and the stresses during wrapping, transport and storage. Equally important is quality silage.

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