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10 Profitable Agribusiness Ideas in Kenya 2015

Dairy Farming

Milk is always a requirement in many Kenyan kitchens especially in making tea. Most Kenyan families cannot drink tea if it does not contain milk. This shows you how important milk is in Kenya. The current price of milk goes for Ksh. 35 in milk processing plants and at shop price it goes for Ksh.60

The prices usually increases when there is a milk shortage. Milk will always be relevant for years to come.

Fish Farming

tilapia farming in Kenya

Tilapia, Catfish, Nile Perch among others, are some of the fish that farmers in Kenya raise for profits. Fish farming in Kenya is on demand and many supermarkets are issuing tenders for supply. Some Secondary Schools in Kenya also making orders for fish during important school events. The current price of fish is Ksh. 500 per Kg

Vegetable Farming

vegetable farming in Kenya

Many vegetables in the market offer high returns in just three (3) months of planting. Onions, Capsicums, Tomatoes, Cabbages are just a few examples of vegetables that can generate you a lot of income in a short period of time. Especially if you have water and irrigation equipment you can generate a lot of money if you plant during drought seasons.

Bee Keeping

bee keeping in Kenya

The cost of starting a bee keeping business is relatively low and the returns very high. You can start a bee keeping business in Kenya with as low as 3,000 by constructing a langstroth bee hive from your local carpenter. Other things you may need are veils, bee suits and smokers (Smokers are used to control the bees during harvest to prevent them from stinging you)

Poultry Farming

poultry farming

Chickens lay hundreds of eggs of every year and these eggs are always on high demand by not just Kenyans but also globally. Kienyeji chicken eggs are sold between Ksh 15- Ksh 20 while exotic birds go for Ksh 10-Ksh 20. You can also raise chickens for meat and sell them for a hefty profit. Refer to our previous article about layers and broilers for an in-depth view.

Pig Farming

pig farming in Kenya

Pigs are well known in Kenya for producing meat (pork) and for bringing back huge profits to the farmer. If you decide to keep pigs you will fast realize that they are very easy to maintain. You have to choose good breeds though to ensure that you get good sizes when you want to sell.

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Goat and Sheep Farming

goat and sheep farming

Starting a Goat or Sheep business is relatively affordable and the good thing is that they do not need a lot of maintenance. From sheep you can get wool, skins,sheep milk,mutton and manure while goats can give you milk, meat, skins and manure. If you have ever bought one (1) kg of goat or sheep meat from the butchery then you will know how expensive it is. Imagine the profits you would be making if you were selling your own goats and sheep! 

Bull Rearing

bull rearing

People have been raising bulls for centuries because of their good meat. You can buy a bull for as low as Ksh 4000 and eventually sell it after one year for as much as Ksh 50,000 depending on how you have fed it.

Fresh Juice Production

fresh juice production

Drinking a glass of fresh juice everyday is good for your health and everybody knows that. The health sector has been preaching this for a long time and people are starting to listen. With the increase of juice buyers, selling fresh juice has started to become a profitable business especially if you are planting the same fruits that you are selling juice from.

Animal Feed Production

animal feeds

With many people in Kenya venturing into dairy farming, sheep farming, pig farming among others, there is a demand for animal feeds. If you are a smart business person you will realize that if you produce your own feed (which will lower your production cost) and sell it to farmers you will generate a lot of income. 

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    1. Amazing Offer for farmers and jobseekers,would you like to be an Agricultural Ambassador for Kenya sponsored by UK4Africa in conjuction with KARI? No cost! only need to recruit 25 farmers into the program. Earn 75k a month, a tablet for work and sponsored training in Denmark. interested? Name and Number

      1. Thanks for this information am very much interested please give us more details on the recruitment plan and requirements

      2. Am interested with this program share with me much about it through the email above or 0704571288 for any clarification thanks .

      3. i am very much intrested in farming,i am confident that if i get this opportunity, i will not only grow personally but i will help the country as a whole

      4. Hi Naomi, I wonder whether this offer is still valid. I’m pretty much interested. I’m a farmer from Narok. Name Julius Sankok, number 0726953861

        1. Am looking for land for lease in Mau Narok, Narok and Kinangop. If anyone has kindly let me know.

      5. Hi Naomi.

        I am very interested in farming and agriculture .Wish to spend my time training and assisting farmers including the youth.
        Your information on Ambassador seems very interesting.
        Is it still valid?Kindly let me know and include me in your priority list should opportunities still available for 2016.

        Use my mobile contact 0722351838 or my email to reach me.Thanks.

      6. Hi Naomi

        Hope you are well,
        Is this still ongoing? If yes, I am interested to advance my practical agriculture knowledge. I am a BSc. Horticulture student, Egerton.

        Nancy Njeri

  1. thanks for opening eyes of young pple wote kufungua viosks na kuuza sukari.we have opportunities but we’re not informed coze we dont want to change.i have established a one acre apiary nd planing of poultry kudos

  2. we are planning to form a group and venture into agribusiness but we don’t have land and we don’t know what crop to grow at what place.please advice

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  4. I am interested in doing poultry farming, infact very serious. Can someone advice me if I should go for exotic breed(layers) or indigenous kienyeji(kari)? Which one is profitable and above all is there any open market for both eggs and selling live chicken for meat?
    Thank you, & waiting for your feedback.

  5. This is all I needed for all this while. An answered prayer just when 2015 is ending. Ready to scale the heights in agribusiness in 2016

  6. Hi Naomi, is the programme still open? I am a graduate with much interest in sheep farming. I believe given the chance, i will not only employ myself but creat job opportunities as well. Thank you for the update.

  7. hi the graduate farmer i suppose this is an agribusiness platform we GREEN-CHICK COMPANY LIMITED seek to recruit,train and give each farmer 50chicks and incubators for every 10 farmers trained.we are starting egg processing plant hence need to contract farmers.we target youth for the project but interest will count.its a 4day training and incubators are given immediately after training and chicks given 1-30 days from training cost is Kshs.4000 only we target 30farmers per county.kindly link us to your farmers if any through 0720114825.firm c.e.o thank you.

      1. Thank you for your reply.
        We are an agribusiness company situated in Kakamega County that have done research in organic poultry farming both production ,Management,Processing and Egg value addition.To our discovery there is a large market for poultry products yet no investment in Kenya as far as we are concerned. We have done a field analysis and trained 180 farmers in the County all involved in organic poultry farming and seen it a success project.We are currently designing egg processing plant the second in Africa whose consumption will be 120000 eggs per day thus need to train and contract farmers to be involved in egg supply.We train and give trained farmers 50day old chicks and a 482 egg incubator for every 10 trainees.We advocate self employment but too employ those who pass exams we offer.Our program is as follows:
        Training :3-4 days
        Training Qualifications : Should be able to read and write English, have passion in poultry farming, be from former Western,Nyanza,Rift-valley,Central,Nairobi and Eastern Provinces.Must be ready to start the project after training.
        Training venues: Will be distributed across the counties with at least 10 students.
        Trainings commence in 05/05/2016
        Target : 600 farmers
        Registration: Send your name,phone contact,county and nearest town to on or before 28/04/16 and you will be given your remember registration will be on first come/first serve basis.NB those who have done diploma in organic poultry production will be contracted for free. Interested farmers can organize to visit running projects here in Western Kenya to learn more.
        Thank you .
        Regards Nebert Ngaira c.e.o,Greenchick Company Limited.

  8. Interesting blog!
    I have an acre in Kiserian and would like to utilize that land for agri-business.

    Ideas are welcome – the area is a bit dry and water is some distance away.

  9. hi graduate farmer i m a student at university of Nairobi taking agricultural economics m interested in farming especially growing watermelons n keeping poultry the only challenge i have is raising capital n some best ideas on how to start the farms…….is there any way u can link or help me on raising the capital……

  10. It a great moments to get a light in your graduate farmer am located in MERU COUNTY rearing pig for pork meat l have been training the youth on the benefit and income generating to curb drug abuse and criminal activities my challenge is pig sty which needs expansion to hold more stock and maintain cleanliness ,l have had about contract farming anybody who knows about it l need to join to improve living standard of youth and women

  11. Hi,

    I have an acre in Ngata, Nakuru. I want to utilize it to the maximum capacity. Maize takes too long. Kindly advise me on what to grow and whether I need a green house or not. I am very serious.

  12. Am Kevin mwenda from meru county l would wish to get support for daily farming .milk is basic in our core balanced diet to every household

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