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Buying packaged Silage in Kenya will soon be a reality

The key to unlocking the potential of Kenya’s dairy sector lies with the improvement of feed and forage. Over the years farmers have gradually learnt how to meet their livestock feed and fodder demands through making of silage. However, a farmer has t have enough land to grow maize for silage and additional space to make this too. This is …

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Guide to making Silage

Silage is the material produced by controlled fermentation, under anaerobic conditions, of chopped crop residues or forages with high moisture contents. Silage is produced by the activities of naturally-occurring bacteria that convert some of the plant sugars into organic acids that preserve nutritional qualities. Ideal characteristics of material used in silage making: Moisture content of 60-70%. pH below 4.2 for wet crops …

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Silage making for smallscale farmers

Content via FAO How to improve the nutrition of farmers’ milking animals when each family keeps only one dairy cow? During the dry season, the major fodders available are wheat or maize straw, together with hay and concentrated feeds. As a minimum, it is essential to provide a green fodder supplement to enhance rumen function for bovine animals. Therefore, one …

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