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Earn Ksh118,000 in 3 months from potatoes

With only a capital of Ksh 62, 000 you can earn a net return of about 118,000/= from every acre of potatoes in 3 months. This cost includes labour and farm inputs.

Things you need to know;

  • Average production of potatoes per acre
  • Cost of Potatoe Seed ( Certified seed sell at KES 3,000 per 100kg bag)
  • Current market Price of potatoes (Asante, Sanghi, Tigoni, Kenya Karibu, Kenya mpya,)

Growing potatoes is easy, profitable and gives returns in just 3 months. 0ne acre will produce a minimum of 90 bags (With good management; you can even harvest upto 120 bags (100kg bags) per acre)

Actual Calculations
Current Market Price: Ksh 2,000
Production Cost: Ksh 62,000
Average Bags per Acre: 90 (100kgs per bag)

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Ksh 2000 x 90 bags = Ksh 180,000

180,000- 62,000 (Cost of Production) = Ksh 118,000 (Net Income)


  1. Dig furrows with a spacing 75cm from one furrow to another and 30 cm from one seed to another and 10
  2. Mix the soil with D.A.P fertilizer at planting time at a rate of 200kg per acre (1kg DAP per 35m of furrow).
  3. Water regularly every week with a water supply of about 25mm.
  4. Covering the crops with soil is required (Earthing) as they grow with the final earthing up done at 25cm high.

Major Potato Diseases in Kenya

  • Late blight
  • Bacterial wilt

NB: Before venturing into potato farming you must first find out which seed variety is suitable for your area. You can know this by consulting agricultural experts or by asking farmers from your area which seed performs best with their soil.

Tip: Free draining fertile medium loams are preferred for growing the crop since heavy clays restrict tuber growth.

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  1. I want to start potato farming on 1 acre in molo region but am already late in planting season. Should i go ahead and plant potatoes or i should try a new crop.

    • The Graduate Farmer

      Molo is a favourable region for planting potatoes because of its altitude. Its not too late to plant right now because they prefer cool weather and thats when you should try to get them into the ground.

  2. Hi, i have an interest in potato farming though am employed full time. Which area would you recommend that is conducive for growing potatoes? And do you know if there are any people in that area who lease land?


  3. Its a good advise but can you connect me with any farmer doing patoto farming within Molo & Kinagop as im passionate but new to the areas so i can be assisted on how to get a land for leasing.

  4. Hello where do you buy a high milk dairy cattle with low feeed consumpation per day

  5. I am in Mombasa and would like to do some farming here.Which crops can I venture which needs little capital.

  6. Hi,I also need more information on this potato farming business and places where land can be leased.i am in Nairobi

  7. How much is a sack of potato costing in the market currently?

  8. hi i have 20 bags of potatoes am selling from Molo. any body interested contact me

  9. Am intrsted in potatoe farming in Kinangop

  10. I do potatoes farming but am usually stuck with them due to lack of market.Please advice.

  11. Hi graduate farmer? i want to start potato farming in Molo. which variety is best suited here and can i be able to protect my crop from the common deceases that affects the crop in the region?
    please advice whether i can be able to start my farming on a a land of 3 hectares with a capital of 100000.

  12. Hi graduate farmer! i am looking for a farm to lease in kinagop can you help me out.

  13. Hi graduate farmer! i am interested in potato farming in narok.

  14. hi, am planning to start potato farming in kinangop in a half acre leased land. how profitable will this be?

  15. Hi I need a supplier of good potatoes from areas of molo with capacity of 50 bags or any please help

  16. Hi, kindly let me know if Kitale is favourable for growing potatoes and advise on the best varieties to plant.

  17. hi, I am prearing land in kinangop for potatoes production, I took the soil for testing in kari and they,recomended I use manure,since the soil is low on nitrogen, now geting manure arnd 5tonnes is proving to be a dounting task, should I ignore the recomendation and.use dap this one tym since the land is also,a 3acre virgin land

    really need help,

  18. Hi graduate ? farmer can I get someone who is selling potatoes from the shamba at good price.thank you.

  19. Hi Graduate farmer. I live in Kikuyu constituency, Kiambu County. Where can I get certified seed of potato. I want to venture into potato farming

  20. Hi graduate farmer. I have been interested in potato farming for awhile. Please can you send me the cost breakdown via mail, if it is not too much to ask. Thanks so much.

    • The Graduate Farmer

      Hi Job. We are glad to hear that you are interested in serious agribusiness. We have laid down an average cost breakdown on this article. For detailed costs we would recommend that you visit your nearest agronomist/agrovet because prices of products tend to vary from time to time.

  21. Hi graduate farmer,
    I am interested in potato farming in Narok and have been trying to get lease land but have not found any yet. Could you help me in finding one

  22. will i get good returns if i plant potatoes in January say a place like molo.

  23. Hi graduate farmer. I lease land on behalf of my clients and plant in upper Narok then buy the produce at agreed fixed price.

  24. hi graduate farmer, please advice. i would like to plant potatoes in kisii. will it work?

  25. Interested in starting of Potato farming from Next year, When do i start Land preparations and the other processes? Kindly advice.

  26. hi graduate farmer i want to plant potatoes in molo in january will that be a good season to plant or the harvest will be bad.

  27. Hie graduate farmer,i hv 1 acre f land in kinangop.how many bags of potatoe seeds do i need?

    • Hi, am a kenyan willing to do potato farming in kinagop but i would like to be connected to a farmer who would give me his/her experience and help me in getting land for leasing.

  28. Hi graduate farmer want to start potatoe faming in eastern makueni county is it possible with the are

  29. I come from Kinangop ,nyandarua district where do i buy quality potato seedlings and which is the recommended variety.

  30. Thanks for the information. I plan to grow potatoes in Kabaluat (Keiyo ) where can I get certified seeds and more information?


  31. Hi I want to start potato farming in Kobujoi Nandi County which variety is suited for this area?

  32. I have potatoes to ready end of January to May 2016. 0723713642

  33. kiprono Geoffrey

    hi graduate farmer,im in nandi north and want to plant irish potatoes

  34. Hi graduate farmer,
    I want to sow potatoes around kutus area of Kirinyaga county.. Planning to plant the asante variety since certified Shangi variety are out of stock.
    How well do potatoes do in this area? Information from farmers around is not backing up, neither from KARLO offices in Embu.
    Kindly assist

  35. hi, i would like to plant potatoes in gilgil from thise season its a virgin land please advice me on variety

  36. Hey am peter
    My love kinagop and I have a small plot in flyover( junction).will you recommend me to build rental house

  37. Hello graduate farmer,
    I want to start potato farming in Kinangop is June a good month to plant?

  38. Hi graduates, I am in frosty area and I find it difficult to control it on my potato farm. please help

  39. Hi am kenneth ,i do have 70 acres of land in kitale and i would love to lease it out or get someone who we can work together and make money.

  40. Hello…i jzt started farming potatos this year…will be due in mid may or early june…am asking wherr can i get market and are the prices preferred during these months?

  41. Thank you…wanted to enquire on how to prepare certified potato seeds n after how long should obe grow potato in the same piece of land b4 crop rotation,and again which are the preffered crop to rotate with potato?thanks

  42. Hi, i want to do potato farming in ndaragwa. Ps give me the cost breakdown and ps advice on requirements coz am doing it for the first time.



    Hello, am interested in doing agribusiness especially potato farming and Chamomile. Where can i get land for leasing? I already have export market for Chamomile. Kindly let me know where i can get land to plant this two products. You can as well contact me on 0722802774 Elizabeth

  45. Any one leasing his/her land in an area suitable for potatoe growing? contact 0738366011

  46. Hi Graduate Farmer,
    I would like to start Potato farming and kindly may i know where land for lease is available.


  47. i would like to lease 1 acre of land in molo or mau narok so that i can plant potatoes.may yu assist plz

  48. Hi ,I have ready market for shangi potatoes in Nairobi .any one interested please call me on 0713648509 .

    • to add on to that i ment i have shangi potatoes in nairobi town any one interested call that number for delivery

  49. Hi I have 27acres worth of potatoes ready for harvesting in three weeks. Any interested buyer should please call me on 0790308179.

  50. Hello,Am preparing to plant potatoes in Narok,where can I get certified seeds?is it the right time to plant?and If I use seeds from other farmers what is the effect as opposed to certified ones?

  51. I have shangi potatoes ready for harvesting in Keiyo Marakwet. They are very nice, as I planted certified seeds in a virgin land. Would recommend the potatoes even for seeds due to their quality. my contact is 0722631048

  52. hi graduate farmer i am interested in potato farming and i am asking about how much does it cost to lease a land for planting potatoes

  53. Hi graduate farmer please assist to get certified seeds email grachel11@gmail.com

  54. hey I would like to venture into potato farming in Nyahururu, which type of potatoes do well that are?? .
    how do I got about while looking for a market for potatoes both in Nyahururu it’s environs and in Nairobi as well.??

  55. hi, am interested in potato farming and from western kenya, can you please the conditions and varieties that thrive well in the region and where i can buy certified seeds from.

  56. juliana nyachieo

    hi I am interested in planting potatoes n I have a farm.in timboroa its 5acres how much will I need to do the farming .please give me a guide through my mail i l prefer frequent newsletters

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  58. I want to plant potatoes one acre for a start in mau narok. Which is the best variety of seeds for this place? Where can get ready seeds immediately before the end of the month? What is the price of the seeds and how many bags do I need,?

  59. Hie im impressed by this article.I would like to venture into potato farming i have 1 ha of land,Please help with the necessary information through my mail?

  60. Millipedes affecting potatoes farmers any fumigant to control?

  61. Any fumigants to control millipedes

  62. Hey, guys thanks for the great article. I would love to farm potatoes starting next year in Elburgon .. Would you kindly inform me on all the planting seasons.. (best months to plant)

  63. Hi, after mulching my potatoes with fertilizer, can I use D.I Grow Red on them during flowering?

  64. Hello. Can potatoes do well in semi-arid areas like lower embu, mbeere?

  65. Hello I have planted potatoes in a 1.5 acre land in Transmarra Narok county. I am expecting to harvest by in december.Kindly call me for supply during december season. 0719267511

  66. Any potato farmer in Elburgon to contact me.I am a potentail farmer come January 2017

  67. We do sell Quality Potato Seeds

  68. I have ready sweet potatoes in Bungoma how can i obtain market for my produce

  69. Hi Graduate farmer,

    I have one acre of potatoes ready for harvesting in Narok,Can I get any buyers?

  70. This is a great site for farmers to market their produce.Thanks Graduate farmer.A renown agricultural extension officer but now a sub county administrator

  71. Anyone selling sweet potatoes, contact me on osano2008@gmail.com or 0721 554 849.

  72. Hi,graduate farmer and fellow farmers! I am from Nyandarua County in Ol-Kalou area and interested in doing potato farming in that area.My question is whether the soil around that area is good for that venture and what amount of potato seed do i need for 1 (one) Acre of land??….Also which is the good month to plant depending on prices? Thanks in advance!!

  73. Fidel
    hallo how do i get a direct market for my potatoes to avoid the brokers who has spoiled the market. Am from Molo Muchorwe, please help. Get in touch with via email fidexkyago@gmail.com

  74. i want to start potatoes in timau 35 acres , need tractors and ploughs and a bore hole , is it possible to get a agri loan to start please advice

  75. HI,
    I am interested in venturing into onion growing in kitui region, a place along one of the seasonal rivers. When is the best time to grow onions?

  76. helloh i would wish to start planting of potatoes and onions somewhere in elgeyo marakwet but dont know which is better with the considerate of market and climate need your advice and if possible would wish to contact you personally for more information
    help me out

    • can you connect me to a reliable person around there, elgeiyo marakwet who can lease me 2 acres shamba we walk with you together in the planting. That is one way in which people learn, in this case you will learn

  77. Hi,
    I am a farmer in timboroa and am looking for customers to buy my potatoes. If interested, contact 0734477715

  78. Hi, I am a farmer i have been farming watermelons from last year. I now want to start farming potatoes in Limuru, please advise on the best variety for that area and i would like to contact you for more advice and information. Looking forward to hear from you.

  79. hello, I have certified potatoe shangi seeds. anyone interested can contact 0727410878 Carolyn.

  80. weldon kibet khalif

    hallo, i am a farmer planting potatoes in narok county.. i got some potatoes which will be harvested in mid april. if your are intrested please contact me kweldonkibetkoech@gmail.com 0715243650

  81. what kind of potatoes seed do we plant in Eldoret Uasin Gishu…?

  82. i want to venture into potato farming preferably near Nairobi but i don’t know where to find a good farm. any help? email me please cliffmoryaseegmail.com

  83. I have a lot of potatoes to sell plz call 0700837162.at a cheaper price

  84. Hi graduate Farmer. Thank you for the good work but the figures are quiet exaggerated. The average production in Kenya per acre is approximately 10 tonnes per ha though the “ideal” production is 20-25 tonnes . Kindly re do the Gross margins and take in to considerations the opportunity costs of capital, labor and fixed costs. Also use 18 tonnes per ha and not 22.5 tonnes.

  85. Hi graduate farmer. Can you please send me some esitimate cost values via email to start potato farming in kinangop on a one acre land.

  86. Charles Rangalla

    Hi am charles i want to venture in potato farming in kinangop am looking for any land that is being leased and is it suitable for me to plant my potatoes around december is the area condusive around that time

  87. Hi I want to venture into potato farming.Av a land in kinangop Murungaru area but based in Nairobi kindly take me through the whole thing as am a first timer farmer.

  88. Hello,I have ready orange organic sweet potatoes around karatina- nyeri highway ready for market.on a two acre farm,may you please connect me to ready bulk buyers of the sweet potatoes. Thank you

  89. Also intrested in potato farming looking forward to start a bussines. So kindly contcat me if you have some seeds and will to sell them… 0700396730

  90. Hi amJohn from njoro willing to plant potatoes next year any one interested to buy please book on 0715033166.

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