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18 amazing business ideas you can start in 2017

Have you ever tried agribusiness before? With good and thorough research agribusiness can generate a good income for you and your family in Kenya. There are numerous opportunities and avenues to invest in agriculture. However, when you finish reading this article it’s advisable to pick an agribusiness idea or venture to invest in which is an intersection of your natural …

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Tilapia Farming in Cages

Cage culture, the practice of rearing fish in cages, can be applied in existing bodies of water that cannot be drained or seined and would otherwise not be suitable for aqua-culture. These include lakes, large reservoirs, farm ponds, rivers, cooling water discharge canals, estuaries and coastal embayment’s. In Kenya, tilapia are among the most suitable fishes for cage culture. Species …

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Learn More About Our Training Programs

On Farm Training Program Many people in Kenya are nowadays trying to multi-task between their formal jobs and farming. These people are today known as “Urban Farmers or Telephone Farmers”. They are people who work in the town and cities and send their investments back to the rural areas or their farms for developments. However, they face a lot of …

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Small scale farmers not growing because of capital

The CEO of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), Ibrahim Assane Mayaki said recently during the 12th Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program Partnership Platform (CAADP PP) that agriculture still remains the best sector that offers the continent escape from poverty. He said of all the challenges that Africa faces, agriculture is one that transcends and embraces all the other. …

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How to start farming with little to no Capital

Finding capital in Kenya to start farming is one of the most frustrating things you can ever do. The Kenyan government has launched many funding schemes over the years that are mandated to cater for the youth but when you slow down, assess yourself as an individual and think…they have never helped you in any way. For that matter they …

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