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About Us


Graduate Farmer Limited is an agribusiness company based in Eldoret, Kenya dedicated to providing farmers in Kenya with information, specialized tools, and supplies to increase efficiency and profitability.

“A day of ploughing or even a day fencing, is very rewarding as you can see the improvements you are making to your farm and that is a very satisfying feeling. We know this because we farm ourselves and to be honest, though farming is very tough and includes a lot of physical work, it is the most rewarding job you can have. ”


Fast Deliveries

We take deliveries seriously. Our priority is to serve you as quickly as possible and this why we ensure all our goods are dipatched same day.

Value for Money

Our products have been tested and tried. They are of the best quality in the market and you will not be disappointed.

Dedicated Support

You can reach us for any kind of support and we will always be there to give you answers. We know how important communication is.