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DFK: This Facebook Group is planning to grow one million trees and bring back Kenya’s green

It is true when they say farmers (or is it farming?) are the backbone of Kenya. Digital Farmers Kenya (DFK) the largest online farming community in Kenya has taken restoring forests in Kenya on a personal level. The group boasts of a membership of over two hundred and three thousand people, with diverse cultural, socio-economic and professional backgrounds, all over the country and beyond.

The campaign dubbed DFKOnemilliontrees (#dfkonemilliontrees) is a countrywide campaign initiated by the members themselves to plant one million seedllings and help in the restoration of the once abundant green in Kenya.

What brings the Digital Farmers Kenya memebers together is their interest in agriculture and farming. The One Million Trees campaign brings together all these members, their families and friends in advocating for and participating in afforestation, reforestation and agro-forestry.

It is important that as a country, we achieve at least 10% forest cover within the shortest time possible to help mitigate these destructive impacts.

Farmers are truly incredible! Lets all play our part and make a difference no matter how small in making Kenya green once more.

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You can help protect and restore forests around Kenya. Support local action for trees by donating to DFK here.

To join the group in Facebook go to

To check out their website and campaign go to

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