Have you ever tried agribusiness before? With good and thorough research agribusiness can generate a good income for you and your family in Kenya.

There are numerous opportunities and avenues to invest in agriculture. However, when you finish reading this article it’s advisable to pick an agribusiness idea or venture to invest in which is an intersection of your natural inclination (or disposition) and profitability (growing market demand). Do your research first and invest smart. When you finally decide which agribusiness to invest make sure you start small and grow from there. this will help you learn from your mistakes and get experience.

  1. Organic Fertilizer: The use of chemical fertilizer on crops in Kenya has been known to cause groundwater contamination and leave traces of toxic chemicals in food that aren’t safe for human consumption. Organic fertilizers which are well-packaged and free of harmful chemicals would be well received by farmers and food enthusiasts.
  2. Animal Feed Protein Source: In animal feeds, protein is one of the major ingredients needed for good and rapid growth. The animal feed industry in Kenya is open to a disruptive animal protein source that is cheap, nutritious and readily available.
  3. Greenhouse Farming: Greenhouse farming especially in urban areas in Kenya is booming. Greenhouses are very efficient and effective structures which make use of small space, controlled environment and limited nutrient to grow large number of vegetable and fruits. To cut down your costs you can use wood to construct your greenhouse.  You can easily setup a greenhouse farm beside your house to grow tomatoes and other crops to sell to your neighbours.
  4. Flowers: Fresh flowers are also another good agribusiness idea in Kenya. As we all know, fresh flowers are used for many event decoration purposes and also for home decoration purposes. You can easily make money by growing flowers.
  5. Cooking Oils: Cooking oil is mainly gotten from groundnut and palm kernel yet there are many other crops which have oil in them such as okra, pumpkin, avocado etc. You can harness and extract the oils from these crops and package them as cooking oil to be sold in markets and shops in Kenya. Many of them can add unique smell and flavor to our everyday food.
  6. Cassava Farming: Cassava is one of the most important and regular staple food for Africans. The market for starch in Kenya and other neighboring countries in Africa is huge. But the lack of quality cassava processing facilities within the country is a huge business opportunity that you can take advantage of.
  7. Sorghum: You can also invest in sorghum, which has become a very important industrial and household crop. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas in Kenya that isn’t being exploited
  8. Food processing and storage: This is also one of the good agribusiness ideas. Most of the food produced in Kenya end up as waste because of lack of storage facilities. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited
  9. Soya bean and soya-related products:  These are also in high demand in Kenya. Soya-based foods, edible oil, and animal feeds can be your source of agribusiness venture. It’s in high demand and promises greater ROI. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited
  10. Vegetables: We all eat vegetables. These are the most common and highly consumed food item in Kenya and the world. So, starting a vegetable farm is one of the simplest businesses in the entire world which gives a good profit margin. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited.
  11. Hatchery Business: Another good agribusiness idea for young entrepreneurs is to start a hatchery for the purpose of strictly hatching eggs for sale to farmers. You can hatch eggs of broilers and layer birds. This is a very good agribusiness idea for young Kenyans to consider.
  12. Dairy Farming: Dairy farming is considered to be one of the most profitable agribusiness ideas in Kenya. In addition to milk and yoghurt production, a huge quantity of manure is also produced from dairy farming. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited.
  13. Aqua farming: There are several options available to you such as Tilapia farming, catfish farming etc. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas in Kenya that isn’t being exploited.
  14. Value Addition to fruits: Fruits like strawberry, orange, grapes etc. can also be processed and turned into items like jam and jelly. This process is not so complex and it can be started on a small scale with little capital.
  15. Groundnut Processing: Groundnut processing business can be started with minimal investment. The processed ground nuts have greater value in the market and it is used in animal feeds (groundnut cake) and the production of soaps, biodiesel, insecticides etc.
  16. Flour Milling: You can also start a flour milling business in Kenya. With a good supply of maize, cassava and wheat, you can process them into flour which is used in making bread, biscuit and other food items that people consume a lot.
  17. Broker: You can also become an agricultural produce broker where you link producers of agricultural items with people willing to buy those produce.
  18. Livestock Feeds: Livestock feed production is a small scale manufacturing business that you can start. By purchasing a few processing equipment, having access to feed ingredients and raw materials, you can begin processing and bagging feeds used in rearing livestock.
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