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Sweet money from stingless Bees Honey

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, we should start to give it more attention. We all want to eat healthy and lets face it honey is more natural than margarine or Jam.

As a farmer you should consider tapping into this healthy diet obsession and strike it big while trying to meet the growing demand of health conscious consumers.


There are several types of bees in the world, one of them being the stingless bees or meliponines as it’s scientifically called. These are bees as the name clearly reveals, with poorly developed stings that cannot be used for defense and therefore makes them the best choice of bees to keep even in close proximity to your house and the practice of keeping stingless bees is known as Meliponiculture.

What makes these bees stand out is their superior medicinal value for treating chest ailments, throat infections, ulcers, treating wounds and menstrual cramps. They feed on a wide range of plants that enable them to create this particular blend of honey with high medicinal values.

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A single stingless bee hive can give you 10 liters of honey every 3-4 months and for every 500 grams of honey you get more than Ksh. 500. A farmer with 10 beehives can easily make Ksh. 50,000 every three months without breaking a sweat.

Due to their relatively small size bee-hive structure, you can keep a large number of beehives within a small location.

Their hives are simple to construct and to don’t cost much if you opt to buy one. There is a high demand for their honey and you can join any of the Stingless Bees Farmers Association market, training workshops and farm visits.


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  1. Where can one get the stingless bees to keep?
    Kindly advice, i’m in eldoret/kitale regions.

  2. How much does the the total prize for one behives and the Queen?
    Where do I get from ?
    I am from India ( northeastern state )

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