In Kenya, there’s a great opportunity for smart farmers right now—growing beans during the El Niño rains. A 90kg bag of beans is selling for a good price, ranging from 13,000 KSH to 15,000 KSH. But what’s even more exciting is the potential yield per acre, swinging from a minimum of 4 bags to a maximum of 12 bags. You can get good quantities per acre if you manage your farm well and ensure you have no weeds and bugs. So, why not make the most of this chance?

The El Niño Advantage:

Let’s talk about why the El Niño rains are a big deal. When it rains more, it’s like nature is giving your beans a VIP treatment. The soil gets all the moisture it needs, making the beans grow like crazy. That’s exactly what we want for a bumper harvest.

Optimizing Land Use:

Here’s the trick – make your land work for you. With the potential to get anywhere between low of 4 to a high of 12 bags per acre, you’ve got room to play smart. Even if you aim for 8 bags per acre, you’re on track for a good payday. It’s all about making the most of what you’ve got. The cost of production for beans sits between Ksh 20,000 per acre to Ksh 25,000 (If you are leasing equipment).

Picking the Right Beans:

Don’t just throw any beans into the ground. Choose beans that love your local weather and soil. Chat with local farming experts—they know their stuff. They’ll help you pick the right beans that will thrive during the El Niño rains.

Smart Farming Moves:

Getting a good harvest is not just about the weather. You need to be a bit of a farming genius. Prepare your land well, plant at the right time, give your beans enough space, and feed them well. Do these things right, and your beans will thank you with a great harvest.

Market Smarts:

Making money from farming isn’t just about growing stuff; it’s also about selling it at the right time. Keep an eye on the market. Know when to harvest and when to sell. That way, you’ll get the best prices for your beans.

Keeping Trouble at Bay:

Farming isn’t always smooth sailing. There are risks like too much water or pesky bugs. Be ready for these things. Make sure your farm can handle lots of rain (Create drainages), keep an eye out for bugs, and have a backup plan if things go south.

Why Beans?

  • Beans mature fast (In 3 months’ time)
  • They can be dried and stored and sold at your convenience.


So, here’s the deal: the rain is coming, beans are selling well, and you have the chance to make some serious cash. With the right beans, smart farming moves, and keeping an eye on the market, you could be looking at a bumper harvest. The El Niño rains are like a gift from nature. Don’t let it slip away—get out there, plant those beans, and let the rain do its magic. It’s not just about growing beans; it’s about growing your success.

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