Before you plant your first seed, answer this question: How will you sell your crops? A good marketing plan is an absolute must for a successful farm business in Kenya. Know your market and your customers. Start by growing vegetables that are popular with people in your area i.e traditional vegetables like managu etc etc. Make sure you grow enough of each crop, and make the quality of your vegetables good. Then consider the best way to sell them to your customers.

Wholesale Marketing

If you have a big farm or live far away from customers, you might want to sell your crops to one place, such as a supermarket, restaurant or institution. This is called wholesale marketing. Selling your crops this way is faster than other ways of selling. It is also a good choice if you are not comfortable meeting and talking to a lot of people (Selling directly) . Wholesale marketing will probably not make you as much money as selling directly to the customer and you may not get paid right away. But it is a simple, easy way of selling.

Direct Marketing

If you do not have a big farm or if you are a new farmer, it is a good idea to sell your crops directly to customers. This is called direct or retail marketing. Although you can make more money and get paid faster this way, you will need more time to sell. It is a good way to sell your crops if you are a good planner, have time, and enjoy meeting and talking to people.

Broker Marketing: Picking from the Shamba

Some buyers like going to the farm and pick their own vegetables. This is usually when there is demand for a certain crop and would provide transport to make things easier for you.

Way Forward

Selling your crops successfully starts with making sure your crops are fresh and healthy. No matter where you sell, customers want high quality. Next, think about what is important to you about selling your crops. Do you want to sell them fast? Do you want to meet and talk to your customers, and can you give them excellent service? Do you want your buyers to pick their own vegetables? The answers to these questions will help you decide which market best fits for you.


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