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Silage making for smallscale farmers

Feeding silage to cattle

Silage should be fed as soon as poss ble, preferably within a few hours. After feeding, the feed bunks must be cleaned out to prevent any remaining silage, which will spoil, contaminating the next feed out.

Silage can be provided to animals in number of different recipes based on its composition and the breed and use of the animals. In general silage should be used up to 25 kg per day for 55o kg ani- mal and up to 5 kg for sheep and goats.

The following recipes are used most commonly to obtain the best results when feeding a 550 kg animal:

Alfalfa hay 7 kg followed by Maize silage 17 kg

Alfalfa hay 2 kg, meadow hay 3 kg, maize silage 15 kg, rye grain 1 kg Alfalfa hay 2 kg, meadow hay 3 kg, maize silage 12 kg, oil beat fresh , 15 kg

This training material is made possible by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) 

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