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Fruit tree farming saves Murang’a County

erratic rains which caused landslides to occur on the baring slopes. Lives and crops were lost and all these was brought by deforestation.

Samuel Ndung’u, a resident of Murang’a county recalls when he was a young boy when his father filled his land with fruit tree nurseries.The trees that were later planted on their farm while others were planted in neighbouring farms.It is still clear in his mind as he remembers the trees used to flourish, producing fruits in surplus which became a source of livelihood for their family.With the many benefits of fruit farming, he decided to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a fruit farmer as well. Samuel now has a fruit tree nursery that has thrived having more than 200,000 fruit trees on his farm. He also directly employs 7 people and has sold over 600,000 fruit trees since 2010.

Seeing the impact Samuel has made, the community around him in Murang’a have joined in the practice a multiplier effect can be noted with many of the degraded climatic conditions now improving.

The climate in Murang’a County is now a success story that demonstrates a replicable solution in fruit tree farming to communities in Kenya facing similar climate change challenges.

For more information about fruit trees contact Caroline Wambui Gichobi here

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    1. There are mostly mango trees, avocado trees and citrus fruits like lemon and oranges. For the seedlings, you can contact me on the email given above and I would link you up to Samuel Ndung’u. He has a huge variety of fruit tree seedlings. THANKS!

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