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Farmers have come a long way since the days of the cutlasses, oxen ploughs and axes. Majority of the farmers in Kenya have embraced technology (using tractors, mechanized planters, combine harvesters etc) to make their lives simpler. The technology era has dawned in farming and productivity has increased through the use of modern implements. Agricultural productivity is highly increased if modern technology is used.

Protect your crops

If you walk into any agrovet in Kenya you will find various types of pesticides and herbicides being sold. You can ask for advice from the farmers around you on what is the best solution for your crop. Use these to increase productivity and reduce diseases on your farm.

Check Soil

Soil is usually an important factor that many farmers tend to overlook. If you are a good farmer, you will know that not all crops are the same when it comes to soil type. For example, you will find the soil type for rice is different from that of maize. Farmers should also know that fertilizers maintain the quality of the soil and improves its yield. A farmer should test his/her soil before planting anything to make sure that the soil has all the necessary requirements needed for their crop. Information is power and knowing your soil will determine what you yield will be like.

Always choose good breeds

If you have good breeds, you get better returns. That is always the case with animals and crops. Make sure you purchase high quality animals and seeds before you start farming. This will increase chances of success in your farming endevours.

Animal Health

If you do not know any veterinary, start looking for one. It is always important to have your local veterinary on speed dial incase anything happens to your animals. This can save you a fortune.


With the introduction of drip pipes, sprinklers, soaker hoses, water pumps, dams- irrigation has become much simpler in this age and century. Getting water to your crops can now even be controlled remotely with the new technologies in the market. Make use of these methods to lighten your workload and increase your productivity at the farm.

Transportation and Storage:

Lorries, Pickup trucks, Motorbikes, Vans…you name it! Getting your produce from the farm to the market these days is very easy. For example if you want to transport fish from Kisumu to Mombasa, you can use a refrigerated truck. You can hire motorbikes to carry the produce to the market for you or if you have money why don’t you buy your own means of transport? Its much more cheaper and effective. You should also invest in effective ways of storing your produce. This way you can keep your crops until the market price shoots up then sell.

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  • paul kimutai June 28, 2015 Reply

    your blog is very educative. am interested to venture into agribusiness, specifically dairy farming, onion,tomato and potato farming. i live within eldoret i would like to know more pertaining those fields.

  • Amoss Makusta October 19, 2015 Reply

    Very interesting blog in agriculture.

  • DONALD MOSES OUMA July 13, 2016 Reply

    Where can I find soaker hoses in Kenya.

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