When it comes to money, it seems like graduates in Kenya always get the short end ofthe stick. Low job salaries, Massive Helb Loans, Life’s biggest expenses right ahead e.g houses, weddings and children.
During this stage of life, allocating  money toward your many financial responsibilities can seem like a game of darts!


But do you know what’s better than guessing at where your money should go? Agribusiness!
Agriculture has is one of the most straight foward businesses that anyone with the right amount of patience can do and get healthy returns after a certain period of time. While its still okay to save your money for future use why dont you  invest it into something that can triple your savings?
With your savings tripled you can afford to pay back your student loans, save some more and still plan for more future investments. For example if you have saved Ksh 70,000 and you can increase this amount in 3 months to Ksh 172,000 by planting 1 acre of Potaoes with a production cost of Ksh 62,000 (This cost includes insecticides for the whole period) The gross income after this period will be Ksh 162,000. Plus the balance you had of Ksh 10,000 you will have Ksh 172,000. If you minus the production cost from this you are left with a net profit of Ksh. 110,000. Incredible right? This calculations are all proven facts and can be confirmed by any credible farmer near you.
If you are interested in investing in farming you can click on the Agribusiness Category and find out which opportunity works best for your current financial plan.

Point to note: Starting any business has its own challenges including farming. While the returns are high, building wealth is something that wont happen overnight. You will need to practice patience and do a lot of research before starting. Building your foundation is the most important thing if you want to succeed.

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