Agriculture in Kenya; Do we really understand how important agriculture is to us Kenyans? Do we really understand the magnitude of it and how it affects us and our economy?

Many people usually say agriculture is the backbone to Kenya’s economy but do we really know the meaning of that word? Do they really know what agriculture actually involves?

The science or practice of farming, cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products is the definition of agriculture. Although Kenya has less than eight per cent of land that is under cultivation, agriculture still remains Kenya’s most important economic activity. Agriculture has not been fully utilized in Kenya and there are very many opportunities the unemployed youth can utilize and make it big instead of complaining of lack of employment. However, many people especially the youth do not realize this and take advantage and generate to generate income for themselves and create job opportunities for other Kenyans.

The problem that arises though is no longer seems that of youth viewing agriculture as a dirty job. The problem has become that of lack of passion, ambition and focus. They will claim its hard work and too much hassle. Some will even claim that when they take up farming it means they will look hopeless and appear to have failed in life after studying so hard at the University. Those with such arguments need to research and see the truth. Agriculture is not hard nor does it mean you have failed in life if you take it up as a full time job. Fear and lack of ambition is what is keeping you from taking the baton and running all the way to success.

Take the example of this young man from this article who has managed to make millions only because he had the guts to research and take up agriculture as his main business.

Agriculture is not just about maize farming, cows and tilling the soil; however, this is not all that agriculture is limited to in today’s society. Yes, farming is the most common form of agriculture but there are many types of value addition activities that make up the whole of agriculture. When you venture into this kind of activity then it’s known as agribusiness.

Agribusiness involves farming, processing and manufacturing and/or the packaging and distribution of products.

By taking up agribusiness you do not have to necessarily be on the ground practicing farming but you can get into supplies and help farmers find market for their produce. You can even purchase some of these products yourself, add value to them and sell them at a more profitable price. This is how you empower yourself and move forward in life. This is how the economy of Kenya improves through you. This is how we develop as a country. By opening our eyes and realizing that we are surrounded by so many opportunities the only thing that we are missing is ambition and passion.

Agriculture can change your life; you just have to believe in yourself, do your research, read success stories if you have to and invest. If you do things right, you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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