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How to get optimum Maize yield per acre

Maize farmers in Kenya are required to ensure that their soils are well structured if they are to gain optimum yields.
Every year many maize farmers suffer getting losses due to one problem or the other. 

The Vertical Tillage concept, (recommended cultivation method) provides a system-based approach that focuses on methods of avoiding the creation of compacted layers in the soil which can inhibit all the natural processes that help feed the crop. It includes the natural capillary action that permits water to filter gradually and drain through the soil. It also allows the root system to develop well and be healthy. Through all this the plant is able to access both nutrients and moisture plus the movement of organisms like earthworms which help in aeration.

Horizontal Tillage (Disc ploughs) though create compacted layers of soil thus restricting root development and humidity movement through the soil. The roots in a top, lower density layer are diverted sideways when higher density layer is encountered. The compacted layers can also end up creating ponding on the soil and restrict capillary action. 

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Also check out the video below and see how Vertical Tillage is done. 


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  1. Have a capital to start maize farming bt dont have a land 2 do the business..please guide especially in nyanza region.

  2. I would like to do mixed farming on my farm in Siaya central Alego divission. what type of milk cow should i purchase? and can the well water in the region do the irrigation? give some information about poultry,millet,sorghoum,tomatoes and onions. Is there any kind of loaning? kindly reply through email

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