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ECF (East Coast Fever) Vaccination in Kenya

The vaccine has two components: live ECF parasites at protozoite stage of the parasites life-cycle (are stored in liquid nitrogen) and a dose of long acting antibiotic (oxytetracycline) are simultaneously administered. Only trained vets are to administer the vaccine.

Vaccination Syringe

For your cattle to qualify for a vaccination;

-The cattle should be more than one month old

-The cow should be less than 8 months in-calf.

-The cow should be in good health.

-The cow should not be in any medication.

Some of the benefits farmers enjoy after applying ECF Vaccination is reduced operating costs as acaricide are used less frequent than before. The mortality rate is reduced by 30- 80% saving the farmer unexpected loss of revenue due to ECF.

It is recommended that after vaccination, tick-control should be carried out but less frequently to control other tick-borne diseases.

Cost of vaccination per cow ranges KES 800 –  KES 1200

Kenya Dairy Farmers Federation (KDFF) is a government approved distributor of ECF vaccine and immunizer across the country.

Neighbouring farmers, Dairy organizations or individual farmers can organize themselves to make 42 cows (A batch) and call KDFF staff on the following numbers for vaccination.


0711 711 905

0723 716 814

0721 270 798

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