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Onion Varieties from Kenya Seed

Find Onion Seed varieties from Kenya Seed below

VarietyPlanting spacing (cm)Maturity in daysAverage yield/acre in kgIdeal climateSpecial attributes
Red  Passion F130 x 10/ 30 x 512025000Cool and wet· Hybrid
· Excellent storage quality
· Deep red
·Tolerant to pink rot diseases
· Produce large onions
· Uniform maturity
·Easy to manage
· You can store for  upto 6 months
Red Creole30 x 10/ 30 x 5150-18010000Warm and hot·Attractive shaped red onion
·Tolerant to P ink rot disease
·Easy to manage
·Good storage qualities
Bombay Red30 x 10/30 x 5120-1506,000-7,000Warm and hot·Globular shaped deep red onion
·Provides good grade onions
·Dries well
·Widely grown
Texas Grano30 x 10/30 x 515012000Cool and warm·The ideal ‘grano’ type onion
·Straw coloured outer skin and white inner flesh
·Mild tasting. Ideal for salads
·Easy to grow and widely adapted
Spring Onion-Green bunching30  x drill85-90Bunched onionCool and warm·Grown for its green slender sweet tasting leaves
·Ideal salad onion
·Early maturing
·Easy to manage
American Flag----·Extra long and thick white shaft
·Good pungency
·Uniform growth
·Widely adaptable
·Vigorous growth
Italian Giant----· A fast growing strain, early maturity
·Stem is white and with fine flavor
·Medium long thick roots
·Heavy yielder
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    thank you for the great work you are doing,i am in Uganda and would like to know the type of soil that favours garlic growth,thankyou

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    which variety of onion is suitable in bungoma county especialy in the outskirts of bungoma town? what about strawberry farming? thank u for your work

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    Good work,lm trying yua seeds now

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    Hi ,I am a beginner in onion farming,I have 2 questions first, which onion variety does well in Suam,on the slopes of mt Elgoni,and secondly I have seen the approximate cost of production, may you please sent me a breakdown of the costs .Thanks in advance

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    Good job. We’re a self-help group in Migori County, Suna-East Sub-county. We engage in spring onions farming and tree (eucalyptus) farming. We now have 5acres of spring onions maturing in two months and 10acres planted with eucalyptus tree. How can you help with market link? Thank you!

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