What are the main reasons that make people fail every time they try to practice farming? We believe that having the right preparation and agricultural research before investing any money in farming is the most important insurance you can take to keep you from failing too early on.

Most people who quickly jump into farming in Kenya have many misconceptions of running their own agribusiness and that leads to false hope and a loss in motivation. You should try and avoid any surprises and confusions when starting your own farming business by learning about the main reasons why people fail in farming today.

  • Farming requires a lot of research before you start investing. It is very crucial for you to know everything about the farming practice that you want to do and have a solid business plan that will help you achieve your goals. Without a good research and a proper business plan whatever you will be doing is close to guessing and this will reduce your chances for success in farming.

  • Lets say you have researched all you need to know about farming and you are now practicing farming. During this point you are so engulfed in your own bubble that you won’t often realize that there is a big flaw in what you are doing.. When these flaws come up, and I am sure they will arise; you will have to solve them before they become an even bigger issue that you wont be able to control and manage. You should learn to accept criticism and not take yourself too seriously in business . Don’t take it personally when you encounter a problem. Just accept it and try resolve the problem by asking for help from either a friend or a farmer you know in your area.

  • When it comes to farming dedication is usually very important. How are you going to be able to work 8 or more hours on your business everyday if you have to manage work, school and maybe even a family all at once? What most people don’t realize is that farming requires a lot of attention and time because if you miss even a single analysis it can cost you your whole investment! You need plan out your daily schedule so that you can fit in the time needed for farming. These are the sacrifices that one must make in order to have the success they desire.

  • Giving up early sometimes happens to some people due to several reasons. Farmers either give up because they face challenges when it comes to money, lack of passion or even commitment to farming in some cases. New farmers sometimes have unrealistic expectations when they start farming and they expect things will go smoothly but find it out later that this is not what they had in mind they then decide quit. We should never give up until the final bell rings; even if things seem hopeless and distraught. When you are persistent you will reap rewards as long as you don’t give up. Starting a new farming business is not easy and you should always try and look to see the bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Seeing someone fail is always a sad sight. If farmers can at least learn from these failures and share our findings, we might hopefully see more agribusinesses in future out there thriving in Kenya. We will appreciate if you can share with us in the comments section below any advice you have to farmers to enable them to succeed and grow.

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