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How to make money from dairy cows

Did you know you can earn up-to Ksh. 40,500 per month from 3 dairy cows? Kenya has been identified as the highest performer in Africa when it comes to dairy farming. Breeds that are used in Kenya are high breeders which yield milk between 30 – 50 Litres of milk per day with good management. One cow can produce an average milk yield of 30 Litres per day which is approximately 270 litres of milk from one cow per month.

Monthly Financial Income

Currently milk goes for Ksh.30 per litre at brookside. This will give you a gross income of 3×30×30×30= Ksh 81,000 from 3 cows in one month. The cost of production is usually half the amount of litres per cow. The net income per month will therefore be

81,000-40,500=Ksh 40,500

To be successful in Dairy farming largely depends on the farmers’ ability to select the correct breeds of dairy animals for their various agro-ecological zones, correct feeding of the dairy animals and good management on various aspects.

NB: To start dairy farming you need to be patient and have the capital needed to practice. i.e Capital to buy the cow itself,dairy feed,cow shelters and feeding troughs,veterinary expenses and a source of water

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  1. am a small farmer in Vihiga.i have two crossed dairy cows but they produce very little milk. one produces four liter each. which method can i use to improve their productivity. i feed them on neppier and maize stock

  2. Do you know of any professional dairy managers in Kenya where i can buy a dairy cow and they manage on my behalf at an agreed monthly fee?

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