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How to get easy capital to buy a greenhouse

Finding funding has always been the most challenging part in any business. A lot of amazing ideas have been put on hold because of this major setback and everyone assumes that their business idea will never pick off from the ground  due to lack of major funding behind them. Let that not stop you. We are going to show you how to get easy loan to buy a greenhouse today. According to the Amiran Kenya Website The Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF) and Amiran Kenya Ltd have partnered to support young farmers in acquiring a tailor made Amiran Farmers Kit (AFK) designed specifically for the AgriVijana Loan. The AgriVijana Loan was started to help young farmers in groups, to get involved in Agribusiness by purchasing the special AFK’s each with 2 greenhouses and a large irrigated area.

AgriVijana AFK

The AgriVijana AFK is a complete agriculture package that comes with all the necessary equipment, seeds, fertilizers, and agro-support for successful farming. The package includes 2 greenhouses, a drip irrigation system, 400m of open field, a water tank, plant support system, Gold Medal Seeds, high-quality fertilizers, crop protection products, a farmer’s sprayer, nursery set, health and safety protective gear, training, agro-support, and AFK insurance.

yedf loan

Loan Allocation and Repayment Schedule

The YEDF provides a loan of Kshs. 358,344 to acquire the AgriVijana AFK, with the group expected to raise 10% of the loan amount. Repayment begins after a 4-month grace period, which can be adjusted if the crops take longer to mature. The loan is to be repaid in three cycles over a period of 3 years, with each cycle lasting for 12 months.

Repayment Schedule:

  • The first 4 months after installation of greenhouse: Grace Period
  • 5-8 months: High Yielding Season – Payment of Ksh. 17,425 per month
  • 9-12 months: Lower Yielding Season – Payment of Ksh. 10,000 per month
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Loan Security and Qualifications

The financed equipment serves as the security for the loan, with sales assignment and personal guarantees from group members also required. To qualify for the loan, the group must have 70% youth members (aged 18-35), with the leader being a youth and the group registered in the constituency where it is applying for the loan. Other qualifications include access to land and water, as well as knowledge or experience in agriculture. The group must also provide evidence of its ability to raise the 10% investment outlay and be registered with the relevant government ministry. Groups with sponsors or guarantors will have an added advantage.

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    1. i have land in kangundo rural am aware the edaphic factors favor greenhouse farming i dont have capital biut i need to be pioneer in tjhe same can i engage amiran to pilot the same on my land ot tjhats possible

  1. hey Amiran Kenya.I’m a fourth year student at University Of Nairobi. I’m interested in a starting a cattle farm in Machakos county focussing on boran cattle. My parents are willing to allocate me some family land for the venture. I’m currently sourcing for startup capital for the venture. I’ve already written come up a business plan for the project. Any assistance from you will be highly appreciated

  2. Dear Friends,
    Thanks for the supporting the youth, for me my challenge is to first reserve water .Kindly help me to know how i can get a damliner for 200square meters ,and its cost includinding deliver to kampala.

  3. Hello,

    My name is Nasibo Kabale from the People Daily and I would like to know more about the greenhouse capital. Kindly call me on 0706330366

  4. I am denis mutuma a member of njuthine urithi youth group started in the year 2013. We major in agriculture and livestock keeping. We have been able to access the youth enterprise fund I.e Ksh. 50000 and we paid promptly. Currently we were given Ksh. 25000 each member and we are paying it accordingly and we are expecting to be through by the end of July next year. We are interested in venturing in green house farming. How should we go about this and can you help us achieve our goals?Thanks in advance.

  5. I need to venture in the business independently and can afford 200,000 for capital.have a land and water at kitui.kindly inform me if you have a package of agreement to such a member.
    Thank you.

  6. Yea, youth should venture into Greenhouse farming. The only and big challenge is government support, huddles to get funding and ready market. Address this major huddles first

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