MoneyMaker Water Pump

MoneyMaker Water Pump

MoneyMaker Water Pump


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Upgrade your small subsistence farm into a commercial enterprise with the MoneyMaker Water Pump. The MoneyMaker is a low-cost water pump that can pull water from as deep as 23 feet (7m) and be used to furrow irrigate up to two acres of land.

With irrigation, farmers can grow and sell as many as three to four high-value vegetable crops every year and ensure that the crop is ready for the market when the price is high. The MoneyMaker Max pressure pump provides farmers with a pump that can push water uphill as well as simply pulling it up from the source. This means it is suitable for use on steeply sloping land where the water source may be at the bottom.

The MoneyMaker Max pump can be used to pump water from hand-dug wells, rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. It is ideal for sprinkler irrigation, filling overhead water tanks, or for use with nozzles and sprays attached to the end of the delivery hose.

Graduate Farmer MoneyMaker Pumps Specifications
Description:MoneyMaker Max PumpMoneyMaker Hip PumpMoneyMaker Starter pump
Pumping Rate60 Litres/Min40 Litres/Min30 Litres/Min
Max Suction Depth7meters/23 feet7meters/23 feet6meters/19feet
Max Pumping Height14meters/46feet14meters/46feet12meters/39feet
Irrigation Capacity/Day2 Acres1.25 Acres1 Acre
Push Water Distance – Flat Ground200m/656feet200m/656feet150m/492feet
Guarantee12 Months12 Months12 Months
Inlet Pipe10meters10meters10meters
Outlet Pipe18meters18meters18meters
Spare Rubber Cups4 Pcs2 Pcs4 Pcs
User manualYesYesYes
PriceKsh. 16,000Ksh. 9,500Ksh. 5,500


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Max Pump, Hip Pump, Starter pump


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