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Irrigation in Kenya using Rain Gun Sprinklers

Irrigation in Kenya using Rain Gun Sprinklers

A Rain gun sprinkler is a high-performance micro-irrigation device and it is designed for a variety of uses and applications where high flow rates and longer water radius are needed.

Graduate Farmer Limited has rain gun sprinklers available with an operating pressure of 2 bar-6 bar. Most of them have nozzle diameters ranging from 10 to 30 mm and a wetting radius of around 20- 60 meters.

Features of Graduate Farmer Rain Gun Sprinklers

  1. Used for irrigating the large area in one time.
    Our rain gun sprinklers can be used for irrigating large field areas at once. The guns irrigate the land with minimum labor and electricity requirements. While rain gun irrigation, pests, and insects get washed away.
  2. Available with an adjustable jet breaker
    The adjustable jet breaker allows droplet size & impact adjustment facility for delicate crops. It provides uniform irrigation.
  3. Minimum components to operate the system
    Component necessities are minimum and the components are lightweight and sturdy with high workmanship. Thus, there are maintenance requirements even after a long period of use.
  4. Available with interchangeable nozzles
    The interchangeable nozzles provide the flexibility of irrigation for various crop and soil stags. Interchangeable nozzles are suitable for all types of soil/crop stages.

Graduate Farmer Rain Gun Sprinklers Applications

  1. For Irrigation of field crops i.e. Sugarcane, Sukuma Wiki, Sorghum), Managu, Maize etc.
    In well-grown Sukuma Wiki farms, it is very hard for the farmers to spray in the inner field due to fear of breaking the crops with large hoses. When they use rain gun sprinklers work becomes easy. They can spray water, fertilizers, and pesticides with hardly any labor.
  2. Tea & Coffee Plantation
    The Graduate Farmer rain guns are highly admired by the clients because of their easy installation, corrosion resistance, high performance, and numerous other features. Thus these are very useful for Tea, and Coffee Plantations.
  3. Fodder Crops for Livestock & Grass
    Another very important use is in Fodder and Grass irrigation. It can cover an area of around one acre by sprinkling from one position in just 2-3 hours. With the portable installation, it can cover the entire farm by moving the system.
  4. Dust Suppression
    Rain Guns can be used for dust suppression in various construction operations. It comes with a pump set and high-pressure pipes which help in controlling dust.

How to Irrigate your farm using a Rain Gun Sprinkler

  1. Set up your rain gun sprinkler plus tripod stand in the desired area you need to irrigate. Make sure the ground where the tripod is standing on is secure.
  2. Set the sprinkler angle to face the side you want to irrigate
  3. Insert your Canvas pipe, PVC pipe or HDPE Pipe at the base inlet of the rain gun.
  4. Configure your water pump and switch it on.
  5. You can irrigate 20 minutes per block

Rain Gun Sprinkler Prices

Call/Whatsapp Graduate Farmer Limited on 0798 857 668 to get your rain gun today.


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