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How to secure your farm from thieves

Every farmer in Kenya will understand the difficulty of keeping their land secure. It’s very hard sometimes to patrol and secure every section of your farm and keep trespassers out. More often than not, trespassers have no malicious intent at all. It’s easy to stumble onto farmland (especially large farms) without realizing. However, occasionally, thieves or even protestors will find …

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Rearing Dairy Goats in Kenya

Throughout Kenya pressure on land is increasing. Average farm size is decreasing as plots are sub-divided and farmers in Kenya struggle to find space on their farms to grow subsistence and cash crops as well as keep livestock. Many farmers in Kenya would like to keep dairy cows but do not have the money to buy animals and build zero-grazing units …

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Milking Machines

Are you building a dairy farm in Kenya and are having trouble deciding between hiring labour or buying automatic milking machine? Or is your traditional dairy farm simply growing and you are considering an upgrade to milking machines? In either case, it is essential to make your choice depending on the advantages and disadvantages of both systems. Advantages of Milking …

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