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How long should you run your drip irrigation?

One of the most common questions we get is “how long/often one should run their drip irrigation system to get the best out of it.” Drip irrigation is an essential solution for farmers in Kenya. Drip irrigation is a low-tech, highly efficient solution for smallholder farmers. It can increase agricultural production by as much as 50% using only 10% of the …

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Drip Irrigation vs Sprinkler Irrigation

Irrigation is the process through which controlled amount of water can be supplied through artificial means such as pipes, ditches, sprinklers etc. the main objectives of irrigation systems is to help agricultural crop growth, landscape maintenance and reduce the effect of inadequate rainfall. Therefore, the importance of irrigation systems is very high. However, many farmers in Kenya find a hard time trying to choose …

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Tackling October- February Drought Using Drip Irrigation

The severe drought affecting Kenya, which has driven up the cost of food and fueled inflation in the country. Since the end of 2016 conditions remain dire in half of Kenya’s 47 counties. The situation has been exacerbated by the impact of climate change, and it is anticipated that some regions could reach emergency levels of need by end of October. There will …

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Advantages of drip irrigation systems

Precise and regulated application of irrigation water and plant nutrients at low pressure and frequent intervals through drippers/emitters directly into the root zone of plant with the help of close network of pipes is known as drip irrigation system. Advantages Increase in production & productivity. Improves quality and ensure early maturity of the crops. Water Saving up to 40% – …

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Different Types of Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems are often designed to maximize efficiency & minimize labour & capital requirements. There are three broad classes of irrigation system: Pressurized distribution. Gravity flow distribution. Drainage flow distribution. Pressurized distribution The pressurized systems include sprinkler, trickle, in which water is conveyed to & distributed over the fields through pressurized pipe networks. Gravity flow distribution This system conveys & …

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