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Solar Flood Lights

One of the simplest things you can do to reduce theft and criminal activity on your farm at night is installing a good lighting system. By using solar flood lights you can improve security and save on high electricity bills that comes with traditional flood lights.

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  • Solar panel with bracket
  • Flood Light
  • Remote (For adjusting power, brightness and switching “on” and “off”)
  • 1 Year Warranty

Our solar LED flood lights can be installed in just about any location with no need for access to traditional power. Here are the six reasons to implement LED solar flood lights for security on your farm.

  1. Remove potential hiding places around routes that are traveled by pedestrians – Security lighting can light up an entire area and remove hiding places around routes that pedestrians must travel. Their light spread is typically much larger and leaves much less area in the dark. This can provide added safety and security to pedestrians in any area whether it is walking around farm buildings or towards the house compound.
  2. Provide facial recognition at a distance of about 30’- LED lights provide a much better light and allows for better visibility since the lighting levels are much closer to daylight than other types of lamps. Our LED lighting provides the ability to provide facial recognition from around 30 feet away. This allows you to recognize what is in their surroundings and provide more detailed than other security light lamps used in the past.
  3. Assist the use of other safety devices such as cameras in the area. – Our solar flood lights also provide better lighting for cameras to visually see what is in the area at a given time. The solar LED flood lights can operate at a lower light level for camera use and then switch to a high powered light when motion activated to increase visibility and distance of the camera’s sight. This would ensure that security in the area has full visibility to what is going on at a specific location at a precise time. You can even combine the solar powered flood lighting and camera system into one.
  4. Deter crime against property and people- Deterring crime is the biggest role that a LED security light offers, and solar allows them to operate even when the power is out. Criminals are not known for operating where they can easily be caught, and lighting the area with good LED fixtures that operate no matter what will help deter crime in the area and also provide easy recognition if something was to occur.
  5. Increase nighttime patrolling  and feeling of security- Providing added safety and security through lighting of an area can increase easy farm patrolling and making the watchman and even you have a sense of safety and security.

In the end, security lighting provides a benefit to all those around them. Providing additional safety and security at night is top priority, and using good lighting provides much better details to the surroundings than any other lamp option in the past.




10 Watts, 40 Watts, 60 Watts, 100 Watts


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