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Off-Grid Solar System


An Off-Grid Solar System Kit is a power system for your home completely independent of the power grid.

In a time of crisis you want power and water inside your home and farm. With a solar system you are completely independent from electricity expenses, giving you really big benefits.

If it’s sunny, our stand alone solar power systems draw power from the solar panels, but if it’s cloudy or night time, they will draw it from the battery bank.

What can the solar system run?

  • A large refrigerator.
  • Large TV.
  • Radio/ Woofer System.
  • Computer/ Laptops.
  • House Lights.
  • Can charge multiple phones and tablets.

Cost: KES 250,000

What does our System Include?

The transition to a complete off the grid system will require:

  • 600 Watts Solar Panels.
  • ┬áInverter (the section of the system that switches the current from DC to AC).
  • Batteries 400 AH (these are used for energy storage).
  • Charge Controller.
  • Power Cables.

Once an off-grid solar system is installed, electricity is free for a lifetime.


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