HDPE Male Adapter Compression Coupling

HDPE Male Adapter Compression Coupling

HDPE Male Adapter Compression Coupling


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Straight Compression Fitting designed to join lengths of HDPE pipe to female threaded connections.



Reliability against Leaks

The compression fitting features an internal Clinching Ring that grips onto the pipe to ensure a reliable and watertight seal even at high pressures.

It also has an additional Thrust Ring engineered for ultimate security and reliability against leaks. When the Nut is tightened, the Thrust Ring applies pressure on the Clinching Ring that pushes against the ‘O’ ring ensuring a watertight seal.

Easy to Use

Our HDPE Compression fittings are easy and fast to install. Simply place the Nut and Clinching ring onto the pipe and ensure the ‘O’ ring is fitted inside the fitting and free from any twists.

Push the pipe into the compression fitting past the ‘O’ ring and against the pipe stop to ensure the pipe is fitted correctly. Slide the clinching ring up to the edge of the Pipe Body and twist the Nut onto the thread.

To remove a compression fitting there is no need to cut the pipe, instead, simply unscrew the Nut and remove the pipe from the main body of the fitting. The Clinching ring can then be prised open and placed back into the main body of the fitting.

Ultimate Durability

The fitting is constructed from high-grade polypropylene polymers. The ‘O’ ring is manufactured from anti-perishable strong and durable rubber to ensure a long-lasting watertight seal.


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20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 90mm


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