Farm Shade Netting

Farm Shade Netting

Farm Shade Netting


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Our nets are made using UV treated monofilament raw material.  The standard size of one complete roll is 4 Meters x 50 Meters or 4 Meters x 100 Meters




  • The standard size of one complete roll is 4 Meters x 50 Meters or 4 Meters x 100 Meters
30% SpacingWhite,Black,Green,Beige,Red,Blue75 per square meter
40% SpacingWhite,Black,Green,Beige,Red,Blue85 per square meter
50% SpacingWhite,Black,Green,Beige,Red,Blue95 per square meter
60% SpacingWhite,Black,Green,Beige,Red,Blue105 per square meter
70% SpacingWhite,Black,Green,Beige,Red,Blue140 per square meter
  • Bird Nets
    Bird control is essential in order to protect the crops from damage. The bird net is the best netting for this it’s made from UV- treated monofilament material and its white in color.
  • Wind break
    These highly UV stabilized nets protects your crops from strong winds  hence leading to higher yields and healthier crops.
  • Hail Nets
    These  highly UV stabilized nets protects your crops from hail storms .
  • Ventilation Nets
    These nets are made from UV-treated monofilament raw material which reduce wind speed and heat built up in green house.
  • Coffee Drying nets
    These are nets used to dry coffee.
  • Support Nets
    These are nets used to provide uniform, straight stem growth for all types of cut flowers e.g. Carnations, liliums, gypsophilia, alstromeria, christantemus.
  • Germination Nets
    These type of net is used to promote the germination of newly planted seeds protecting seeds from erosion.
  • Anti-Insect Nets
    These are UV-treated woven nets used to protect crops against common greenhouse pests e.g. white fly, aphids and thrips.

Drip Village was established in 2017 as an irrigation division of Graduate Farmer Limited to offer selected irrigation products at very competitive prices to farmers in Kenya.

Drip Village provides tailored irrigation systems to suit all environments, uses and budgets. These systems usually include; drip irrigation systems, shade nets, weather stations, electrical water pumps, solar water pumps and sprinkler systems rolled out on a small or large scale.

Let us take the guesswork out of operating your farm irrigation system. We can advise you on all aspects of farm irrigation including sprinkler systems, pumps, drip irrigation and automatic watering systems.

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30% Shade, 40% Shade, 50% Shade, 60% Shade, 70% Shade