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Water Pumps

CT50ZHP High Pressure Petrol Water Pump


Have you been looking for a reliable  2-inch high-pressure water pump in Kenya? The Carlton CT50ZHP is a powerful machine that runs on petrol and can deliver. It can run your sprinklers at ease and push water on hilly areas.

Model: CT50ZHP

Type:4-stroke OHV single cylinder with force air-cooled

Displacement:196 cubic centimetres

Maximum Power Output: 4.8kW

Ignition System: Non-contractor transistorized ignition (TCI)

Inlet hose diameter: 2″

Outlet hose diameter: 2″

Rotation Velocity: 3600rpm

Suction Height: 6m

Pump Lift/Head: 60m

Pump Water Output: 37,800 Liters per Hour





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