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Graduate Farmer Gravity Drip Irrigation Kit

The preferred economical solution for smallscale farmers in Kenya;

  • Saves water
  • Increases yields and improved crop
  • Precise water and fertilizer
  • Excellent water
  • Uniformity at low operation
  • Easy installation, opertion and
  • Kit assemblies for different Plot
  • Less disease due to underground Irragation
  • Reduced weed growth

No need for pressurized water source

The concept of Gravity Drip Irrigation (GDI) has been developed with the purpose of providing the most economical solution for small scale growers. Proper operation of the system will result in higher yields, save water and energy, and provide a simple fertilizer application method.

•  Driplines:

The drippers provide uniform flow rates and are highly resistant to clogging.

•  Fertilizer application:

No need for ferilizer injection apparatus. Soluble solid fertilzers can be mixed in the water tank for aplication

•  Layout design:

Several manifolds may be servved sequentially from one water tank, according to field layout.


  • Dripline Inside Diameter:
  • Wall thickness: 4mm
  • Flow rates Pressure:

•  Filtration:

A 130 micron screen filters provides sufficient protection.

Pressure      –                   Flow rate:

0.07 bar        –                   0.26lph

0.10 bar        –                   0.33lph

0.20 bar        –                   0.43lph

Shade Net

Recemmended Dripline Length** (m) on Flat Terrain


Inside Diameter (mm) Spacing between Emitters (cm)
15 20 30 33 40 50
15.6 30 38 52 56 65 77

**Flow rate Variation along a single dripline 5mm

  • Driplines length may very according to the incline along the
  • When using a small water storage tank, the refilling water volume should be calculated carefully (30 litres for every 100 m dripline).

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