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Farming starts here

Benefits of a drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation systems have many benefits to farmers in Kenya, such as being environment friendly, cost effective, provide a higher success rate and promote healthier plants.  Below are even more benefits that drip irrigation can bring to farmers in Kenya: Root Zone: Your plants need water at their roots, and a drip irrigation system combined with a timer enables you …

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All you need to know about a zero grazing unit by SDCP

Under the zero-grazing system, cattle are confined in one place where feed and water are brought to the animals. Other animal husbandry activities such as animal health, are also carried out under zero grazing. Zero-grazing is a good system for keeping dairy cattle in densely populated, high potential areas, where land per farm family is small. Other dairy cattle rearing …

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How to start farming with little to no Capital

Finding capital in Kenya to start farming is one of the most frustrating things you can ever do. The Kenyan government has launched many funding schemes over the years that are mandated to cater for the youth but when you slow down, assess yourself as an individual and think…they have never helped you in any way. For that matter they …

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What a farmer in Nyeri has to say about Guinea Fowl farming

Brief Allan Mwangi sells a month-old keet at Sh1,000 while a two-month-old one goes for Sh1,500. He currently keeps 54 birds in his poultry farm located in Nyeri Town. Guinea Fowls require a dry coop and well-ventilated cages, raised rails for patching and resting after feeding to their fullest. You need to seek a permit from Kenya Wildlife Service before …

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7 Profitable Crops to Grow in 2016

December holidays are always fun. You get to spend time with your family, go on vacations to luxurious resorts and experience new things that leave pleasant memories in our minds. All these activities are important because they bring us together and help us bond with family and friends. As we enjoy such moments we need to think about the following year. …

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Watermelon Farming in Kenya

Have you ever eaten a watermelon fruit? The taste is incredible! Nothing says “December holidays” quite like a big, juicy slice of watermelon! Kenyans love eating watermelon. They provide a good refreshing taste especially during hot days when you want to cool off. It’s because of this reason that watermelon farming in Kenya is a lucrative agribusiness venture, especially for …

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Why you should get your soil tested today


Not getting your soil tested is one of the main reasons farmers in Kenya fail. Infact, growing crops without testing your soil is a recipe for failure. This will increase your chances of getting losses and when the losses starts coming in after the growing period, you will hear your bank account crying a kilometer way! We all love to succeed and …

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How to get optimum Maize yield per acre

Maize farmers in Kenya are required to ensure that their soils are well structured if they are to gain optimum yields. Every year many maize farmers suffer getting losses due to one problem or the other.  The Vertical Tillage concept, (recommended cultivation method) provides a system-based approach that focuses on methods of avoiding the creation of compacted layers in the …

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ECF (East Coast Fever) Vaccination in Kenya

East Coast Fever (ECF) is a serious, often fatal disease that affects cattle. Mortality can be up to 100%, with death occurring around 18–30 days after the initial attachment of infected ticks. This is because the incubation of the disease requires around 10–25 days in which the parasite spreads quickly and aggressively! Some of symptoms include high fever, swelling of …

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