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Moving Forward

Dear valued Graduate Farmer readers,

I hope this message finds you well, despite the challenges we’ve all faced over the past year. For us at Graduate Farmer, it’s been a time of significant changes and transitions. We’ve undergone a thorough reorganization of our business model to better serve your needs and align with our values as a company. However, we also faced a major setback when our website was hacked, compromising our content and leaving us with no updates for an extended period of time.

I’m writing to you today to apologize for the inconvenience, frustration, and disappointment that this may have caused you. As a company that prides itself on quality, transparency, and trust, we understand how important it is to deliver on our promises and meet your expectations. We fell short of that goal, and we take full responsibility for it.

On a positive note, I’m pleased to inform you that we’ve addressed the hack and restored our website to full functionality. We’re also excited to share with you the changes and improvements we’ve made to our business model, which we believe will provide you with even more value and opportunities to learn and grow as farmers, entrepreneurs, and members of a vibrant community.

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Going forward, you can expect to see more regular updates, fresh content, and interactive features on our website and social media platforms. We’ll be covering a wide range of topics that are relevant to your interests and needs, from best practices in crop production to marketing strategies for small-scale businesses. We’ll also be actively seeking your feedback, suggestions, and ideas on how we can improve and serve you better.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding throughout this process. We know that we can’t do it without you, and we’re committed to earning your trust and loyalty every day.

Best regards,

Joseph Boit
Founder of Graduate Farmer

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  • Joseph Boit

    Joseph is the founder of Graduate Farmer, a Kenyan online platform that provides resources and tools to help farmers improve their agricultural practices and increase their productivity. Joseph is a passionate follower of Christ and farmer who loves to use technology to make a positive impact on people's lives.

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