The sun  has been with us since the world was created. It has helped plants grow by providing energy for the process of photosynthesis to occur. Photosynthesis is the way plants convert inorganic resources, such as sunlight, water, carbon dioxide, and minerals, into organic resources that the plant can use. The sun makes farming possible. It brings life to our farms and allows us to grow crops.

The sun does not stop there. It also gives us energy.  We get energy through the use of photo-voltaic solar cells which convert light energy into electricity. Solar energy has enabled us to light our homes, heat water and the most important…it allows us to pump water.

One new solar water pump that is improving the lives of small holder farmers in Kenya is the Maji Pump (MajiPump ™). The Maji Pump Solar Kit is both cost effective and easy to install making it a reliable solar water pump to have in your farm and home. Once installed,  the Maji Pump can pump water for free. It does not incur recurring expenses associated with electricity, petrol or diesel fuel.

Maji Pump front view

The Maji Pump has the following features;

  • Quick payback, within one growing season.
  • A high flow rate of 2,160 Liters per Hour.
  • 15-20 years pump lifespan.
  • Portable.
  • Direct solar power. (You do not need to have batteries running it).
  • Comes with 200 Watts solar panel.
Maji Pump Accessories


What are the advantages of using the Maji Pump Solar Kit?

The MajiPump solar kit  can be  used for various applications. However, the main use is to extract water from ponds, rivers, bore wells or other sources of water for various applications, including but not limited to:

  • Irrigation.
  • Drinking water.
  • Industrial use etc.

The MajiPump goes for Ksh 30,000 can be purchased through our online platform or  Eldoret shop. You can also call us on 0798857668 for orders. Delivery is one countrywide.

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