Now let us learn about greenhouses meant for plant propagation. We can categorize them like high cost and low cost greenhouses. In a high cost greenhouse, the polythene sheet is set on metallic arches. Wind damage to the polythene sheet is minimal due to its shape. The most common structure used for grafting is a low cost greenhouse house. It is built with locally available wooden poles. Technically this is no way inferior to the metallic type. But care is necessary to protect the polythene sheet from the sharp edge of the poles. It is necessary to rebuild this after 4-5 years.

Temperature inside the green house is 5 to 10˚ centigrade higher than outside even in rainy season. We can raise the relative humidity to 90% by sprinkling water inside the greenhouse even during the cold season. It is necessary to bring down the temperature inside by keeping the door open in hot noon hours during the dry sea. Success rate and the growth of the graft plants are excellent in the greenhouse. We can retain enough heat for night hours by closing the door in the evening.

The polythene sheet used in these poly houses keeps good for 3 to 5 years. This UV stabilized polythene sheet tolerates direct sun light. Put cement or apply coal tar for the wooden poles to avoid termites. Select the type of greenhouse depending on your investment capacity. A greenhouse is inevitable for higher rate of success and large scale multiplication of graft plants.

Shade Net Houses

A grafting nursery needs a systematic shade house. Young graft plants need nourishment and hardening in partial shade at least for 2-3 months. The construction of this shade house is very simple and systematic. Wooden poles are used to support the shade net horizontally.This support is good enough to carry the weight of the shade netting. You can also make the shade netting in an arc shaped structure (like a hoop greenhouse). Since the shade net allows the movement of air, the structure escapes the damage due to wind. This shade house is useful even for general nursery purpose.

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