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World’s First Floating Dairy Farm

Three Dutch companies have teamed up to establish a “floating dairy farm”, which will be used to supply fresh dairy produce to the city of Rotterdam and could reduce the amount of space needed to rear cattle by up to 50-fold when compared to similar installations on land. Courage, the innovation institute of the Dutch agriculture and dairy sector; city …

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Grafting Methods

How Grafting is done Graft plant has 2 parts. Lower portion is from the seedling and is called rootstock. Upper portion is from the mother plant and is called scion. Rootstock should be a sturdy disease free seedling with a strong tap root system. For mango grafts bigger mango stones of wild variety are sown in beds. These produce stout …

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Zero Grazing Sheep Rearing System

Sheep needs dry climate. It has no problem with low temperatures during the rainy season. But the relative humidity in the rainy season should not be high. Hence low rainfall area is good for sheep farming. Hilly forest areas and the coastal regions are not suitable for sheep farming. Even in medium rainfall area the problem of worms and diseases …

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Structures used in Grafting

Greenhouses Now let us learn about greenhouses meant for plant propagation. We can categorize them like high cost and low cost greenhouses. In a high cost greenhouse, the polythene sheet is set on metallic arches. Wind damage to the polythene sheet is minimal due to its shape. The most common structure used for grafting is a low cost greenhouse house. …

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Grafting Techniques: What is Grafting?

In nature plant species have various mechanisms for reproduction. Seeds, rooting on the stem, tubers and suckers are the important ones. Plant propagation techniques became popular with modern horticulture for asexual multiplication of commercial plants in large numbers. Grafting is an age old practice. But its commercial application and new techniques started few decades ago. Tissue Culture is another popular …

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