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Coriander Farming Profit per Acre

Coriander or Dania is an annual herb belonging to the family Apiaceae. Dhania is a key ingredient in many foods that’s why many Kenyan homes always have this tasty herb in their kitchens.

Coriander is loved by many not just because of its lovely aroma and amazing taste but because it helps in the following:

  • Skin related disorders.
  • Reducing coughs.
  • Reducing blood sugar.
  • Controlling blood pressure.
  • Reduces Diarrhoea.
  • Controls cholesterol levels in the blood.

Climatic Conditions and Soil Requirements

Coriander grows well in dry and cool weather. It does not tolerate any frost. Coriander performs well at a temperature range of 20 and 30 degrees Celsius.

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Coriander grows peforms in well drained loamy soils. The optimum soil PH ranges between 6 to 8.

How to Plant

The seed rate for growing coriander is 5 kg per acre. Soak the seeds in water for 12 hours for better germination.

Prepare the farm and make beds that are very fine. Make furrows 30 cm apart for leaves production and 50 cm apart fr seed production.

Germination doesn’t take long and you will be able to see crops sprouting 9-10 days after sowing. Sometimes the seeds can take 2 weeks to germinate so don’t panic.

The first irrigation should be given immediately after sowing and the second on the third day and subsequent irrigations at a 6 to 10 days interval.


The coriander leaves are ready for harvest 30 to 35 days after sowing.

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According to Don’t Lose the Plot (DLTP) a television program produced by The Mediae Company whose other productions include Shamba Shape Up ,Coriander produces around 2,000 Kgs on 1 acre. The cost of 1 Kg is Ksh 60.

Production costs is Ksh 55,000. Therefore 60 x 2000 = Ksh 120,000 (Gross Profit).

120,000 – 55,000 = Ksh 65,000 (Net Profit)

Please note that this calculation can be affected by many factors ranging from agronomy practices, management and poor market prices.

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