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5 Useful Farming Apps in Kenya

Farmers in Kenya are increasingly benefiting from innovative technologies that enable them to reduce costs, maximize yields and profits, and become more efficient in the farming process. In this article, we will introduce you to five mobile apps and websites that are making farming life easier for Kenyan farmers.

  1. DigiCow

DigiCow is an app designed for smallholder farmers and enterprises engaged in dairy farming. It enables farmers to increase their profits through data-driven decision-making. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store, and farmers can register and secure their information with a pin. Once registered, farmers can enter cow details, milk production, milk sales, health breeding, and feeding information. The app is designed to use data to provide feedback on production, financial reports, breeding, and health reports.

To download DigiCow, click here

  1. Makimara

Makimara is an Kenyan online eccomerce platform that sells quality agricultural products at great prices. Their products are updated regularly and are bargainable. Makimara is also detailed when it comes to providing information to customers making this platform stand out.

To access Makimara, click here.

  1. KALRO

Kalro is a Kenyan government agency that focuses on agricultural research and development. Its main goal is to enhance food security and promote economic growth by developing innovative agricultural technologies, improving farming practices, and increasing crop yields. Kalro works closely with farmers, researchers, and other stakeholders to develop and promote sustainable farming practices that are tailored to local conditions. The agency’s research areas include plant breeding, soil science, animal production, food science, and biotechnology. Kalro also provides training and extension services to farmers and other stakeholders to help them adopt new technologies and practices that improve their livelihoods.

To access KALRO click here

  1. Budget Mkononi
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Budget Mkononi is a web-based agricultural budgeting tool that allows young farmers to plan and budget for their farm. It was developed as a joint initiative of Mercy Corps AgriFin Accelerate program and The Mediae Company, created and produced by Regulus Ltd. By entering their crop and acreage, the user receives detailed information stretching from seed prices, planting dates, best practice tips and a detailed timetable of crop growth. The tool is optimized for mobile phone connections and specifically targeted at the youth to encourage them to view farming as a viable and sustainable career venture.

To access Budget Mkononi, click here

  1. Digital Farmers Kenya (Facebook Group)

Digital Farmers Kenya is a Facebook group that aims to encourage members to exchange farming ideas and the latest farming technologies that can improve farming practices. Farmers can also sell their farm produce through the group by posting pictures and exchanging contacts.

To join Digital Farmers Kenya, click here

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