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Daily Archives: May 25, 2018

Avocado Farmers to benefit from ready market from Habex Agro

Avocado farmers in Kenya are reaping big with the recent rise in demand for avocados both locally and internationally. More and more farmers are fast changing tune to avocado farming as they seek to grab a piece of pie from the lucrative industry. Avocado farming is the next game changer export crop of the future due to its huge demand …

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Maize Scandal: The Pain of a Kenyan Farmer

The pain of maize farming is real! Maize farmers in Kenya have gone through a lot of challenges in the past years that have nearly brought them to their knees. The challenges ranging from drought, Lethal Necrosis Disease to Fall Army Worms attacks has nearly crippled maize farming to the point that many maize farmers are almost giving up and …

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