After consultations with major farmer groups and the South Rift Counties, Slujan Events have made a decision to move the dates of the SORAX 2018. They have been persuaded by key stakeholders, farmer associations​ and CBOs​ who strongly feel that the earlier dates, being on a weekend, would disenfranchise some farmers from benefiting from the expo. On the other hand,​ some ​counties have made a request for a little more time to prepare well for the expo reason that their CECs just got into office late last year and some Chief Officers have not been appointed.​ ​Each county has specific value chains that they would like to explore during this very important event.

To accommodate the above requests, the new date will be 11-13 April 2018. So far, they have had over 50 corporates confirm their participation. This is an indication that the region requires this platform.

To reserve your booth and for further clarifications, please contact​: Winnie​ – 0734 296 396​, ​Harrison​ – 0714 33 22 11​​​Judy​ – 0722 150 272, and Steven​ – 0734 45 99 89​.

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