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Change of Dates: South Rift Agribusiness EXPO 2018

After consultations with major farmer groups and the South Rift Counties, Slujan Events have made a decision to move the dates of the SORAX 2018. They have been persuaded by key stakeholders, farmer associations​ and CBOs​ who strongly feel that the earlier dates, being on a weekend, would disenfranchise some farmers from benefiting from the expo. On the other hand,​ some ​counties …

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Typical characteristics of a farmer entrepreneur

A lot is being said these days about farmers becoming ‘entrepreneurs’. But what is entrepreneurship? What does it take to be entrepreneurial? How can an entrepreneurial behaviour be created and sustained? How can entrepreneurial skills be developed? How do entrepreneurial farmers respond to the changing farming environment? What strategies do they use? What actions do they take? And how can …

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