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Beginner Farmer: Tips on Growing Watermelons

Sites and soils Watermelons do well on sandy loam soils which are well drained and slightly acid. When planted on very heavy soils, the plants develop slowly, and fruit size and quality are usually inferior. Temperatures They do well at temperatures between 22 and 28 degree centigrade. Stagnation of growth occurs at temperatures less than 15degree centigrade. Rainfall Optimum rainfall …

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Beginner Farmer: How To Grow Cabbages in Kenya

Land preparation Crop rotation should be observed for cabbage farming in Kenya as the crop uses too many nutrients from the soil in a single growing season. The land, which should have access to plenty of sun and be well drained, must be prepared well in advance – preferably some weeks before planting the seedlings. Land should be nutrient-rich and …

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