DATE: JULY 28, 2017

TIME: 5:00 PM

Mercy Kimallel Popularly known as chepkuku, is the proprietor at Soti kuku. She starts her business right from the rearing of the chicken to getting the product to the consumer; a complete value chain. She is a renowned agripreneur and admired business woman who is respected for her professionalism.

Sotikuku farm started in October 2013 with only 200 chicks with its proprietor Mercy Kimallel as the only employee. As of October 2016, the farm comprised of 10 farm houses with a population of 3200 birds, complete with a slaughter house and a cold room which are catered to by three permanent employees.

Additionally, the farm also has three other satellite farms with a combined population of 12,000 Sotikukus.

Sotikuku’s greatest challenge so far has been meeting market demands, while its greatest achievement is its brand: it isn’t a kuku if it’s not a Sotikuku.Sotikuku is in the process of acquiring a 300 per hour semi-automatic chicken slaughtering machine that will be stationed at KIE, Eldoret.


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