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Advantages of drip irrigation systems

Precise and regulated application of irrigation water and plant nutrients at low pressure and frequent intervals through drippers/emitters directly into the root zone of plant with the help of close network of pipes is known as drip irrigation system. Advantages Increase in production & productivity. Improves quality and ensure early maturity of the crops. Water Saving up to 40% – …

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Tilapia Farming in Cages

Cage culture, the practice of rearing fish in cages, can be applied in existing bodies of water that cannot be drained or seined and would otherwise not be suitable for aqua-culture. These include lakes, large reservoirs, farm ponds, rivers, cooling water discharge canals, estuaries and coastal embayment’s. In Kenya, tilapia are among the most suitable fishes for cage culture. Species …

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Types of Nursery Facilities & Management

There are three main facilities normally used for raising seedlings in a nursery. The choice of a particular one will depend on the available resources and prevailing environmental conditions. Greenhouses – environment fully controlled Nethouse – environment partially modified Open field – where climatic conditions are normally favourable for the crops grown. Media for raising seedlings Soil is the major …

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Choosing a vegetable nursery site for your agribusiness

A number of important aspects must be considered in choosing a site for the establishment of a nursery if the outlay on seed, fertilizer, and labour is to show profitable returns. These factors are broadly grouped into the following: Environmental factors This refers to natural features of the land, which may greatly influence the cost of operation and facilitate management …

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British Airways partners with DSWT to provide a natural solution to human – wildlife conflict in Mtito Andei

Monday 09 January 2017, Kenya; Farmers in Mtito Andei have a reason to smile following an initiative by British Airways and David Sheldrick Widlife Trust to construct beehive fences to act as a boundary for agricultural land. The fences not only keep away elephants but also a source of income for the farmers harvesting honey along the Tsavo East National …

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Starting out in farming may be hard but never give up!

There are hundreds of success stories in newspapers or online platforms dedicated to agribusiness success stories in Kenya. But not many who are interviewed in these farming success stories will stand up and talk about how their agribusiness ventures failed, how that actually feels, and how they are dealing with it. It’s simply not very ‘empowering’ or inspirational…but it needs …

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