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Many people in Kenya are nowadays trying to multi-task between their formal jobs and farming. These people are today known as “Urban Farmers or Telephone Farmers”. They are people who work in the town and cities and send their investments back to the rural areas or their farms for developments. However, they face a lot of challenges with some reporting problem cases of poor management, loyalty, business planning. The list is endless.
Because most telephone farmers depend on relatives and farm employees, it is important that the people working on the farm daily get the necessary training for the farm to thrive. The benefits of training are well known. Telephone Farmers in Kenya must ensure that their new are fully trained on modern farm practices so as to maximize on productivity and farm yields

We offer “On-Farm” farm training for you and your employee(s) to ensure that you get the most out of your farm.

The topics covered are;

  • How to manage Livestock & Diseases
  • Farm Management
  • Growing Crops & Disease Management
  • Financial Management & Record Keeping
  • Farm Planning and Business Analysis
  • Marketing & Value Addition

Other topics include;

  • Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Strategy
  • Communication
  • Employer-Employee Development
  • Performance Management

Our program is extensive and covers a wide variety of your training needs and ensures what you learn will enable you to achieve results ultimately improving the bottom line of your business.

To apply for this training Contact Us

Apprenticeship Program

Graduate Farmer offers an opportunity for young men and women interested in advancing their knowledge and skills in sustainable agriculture in Kenya to learn through hands-on experience, instruction and support from mentor farmers. It’s never easy to start your own farm even if you have all the capital, land and resources at your disposal. You need to learn from the experts and have a feel of what really happens every day on the farm. This will help you be more patient, better in decision making and solve day to day problems without giving up.

We give applicants the chance to work with the farm manager, employees other apprentices and volunteers on our partner farms to help them reach their production goals. Over the course of the apprenticeship, interns will advance their knowledge and experience in:

  • Farm planning, sustainable agriculture in theory and practice
  • General day-to-day farm management practices
  • Record Keeping
  • Marketing
  • Crop and Livestock Management
  • Identifying Markets
  • Problem Solving


  • Must be able to work outdoors in all weather conditions and perform a variety of farm tasks.
  • Must be able to accept constructive criticism.
  • Must have a positive attitude and be able to work as part of a team.
  • Minimum commitment of 12 hours per week for 3 months. 9–12 month commitment ideal.

Work hours

12 hours per week: Schedule can be flexible


  • The internship is un-paid but interns receive strong mentorship from the Farm Manager and Supervisors.
  • It is also a great opportunity to work with a diverse team committed to grow and practice sustainable agriculture.
  • Better understanding on how a farm works. This will help participants to be able to know how to solve day to day challenges that occur on the farm.

If you are interested in applying or have additional questions, please contact us HERE

Youth & Women Training Program

With the increase rate of unemployment levels among the youth in the country, farming will be the best option to venture in. Farming provides youth and women a viable way to earn success by creating a pool of employment.  Agriculture is not yet explored fully and needs young brain power to do research and ensure modern techniques are utilized in production. However, young people still perceive farming as dirty work meant for the less educated and that it is unprofitable and unable to support their livelihood compared to white collar jobs, but on the contrary they miss out on many opportunities as agriculture, if well explored and managed, will result to huge profits realized.

If you have passion, the right equipment, capital and skills, farming will give you good returns for yourself and family. It doesn’t require a lot capital to start and provides good returns over a short period of time. The concept of making money from agriculture sounds sweet and easy but however before you start an agribusiness venture you have possess the right skills. Graduate Farmer has developed modules that will help youth and women in Kenya get a better chance of succeed in agriculture and empower themselves. These modules are designed to equip them with knowledge that will prepare them as they run their businesses.


  • Crop and Animal Management – This module provides the youth with necessary skills on how to raise livestock and grow various crops.
  • Youth group/Welfare Management – Teaching the youth on how to manage their youth groups effectively over time.
  • Financial Management – How the youth can wisely save and use their money in various farm activities and personal emergencies.
  • ICT in Farming- How the youth can apply new technology that will help them increase productivity in farming.
  • Business Management and Marketing – How the youth can be able to their agribusiness ventures and identify market opportunities.


  • Linkages to financial institutions
  • Mentor-ship and Coaching
  • Practical Animal and Crop Management Manuals
  • Farm Supplies Linkages
  • Networking with professional Dairy and Horticultural farmers

Please Note: Currently we are only training on Dairy and Vegetable Farming. The venues for training is in Eldoret town (Uasin Gishu County).


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  • kelvin kariuki February 15, 2017 Reply

    Do you offer internship for undergraduate student or the fresh graduate student ? Am kelvin from kenyatta university and about to graduate this year with BSC Agricultural resource management. kindly inform me if you offer internship to student who are about to graduate.Thankyou

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