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Form Youths Groups to Tap into Capital

Have you ever woke up in the morning and wish you just had a million shillings to start or expand your farm? You have done your research and have all the facts at hand but you cannot move forward because the only thing standing between your way and success is lack of capital. You it deep in your heart that if you were just given that one million shilling you will grow and build a very successful farming business. Unfortunately, it seems in the world of business nothing will ever be balanced. Its either you will find someone with a lot of money and no skills or someone with skills but has no money. If you are reading this then you understand what I mean. Farming needs capital and skills and without one your project cannot be sustainable.

There are various ways of getting capital out there but none of them seem to favour someone who is starting out in farming especially the youth who have no monthly income to build up a stable statement to apply for a loan. So what is the solution? Does this mean that we have no way out? No hopes of starting a successful farming venture and empower ourselves?

If no lending institution, friend or family member is going to give us money then we need to think out of the box and come up with a solution to this problem.

We need to come together and make something happen. Let us for youth groups, associations and companies. Let’s save the little we can together and roll out membership fees to anyone who wants to join us. This will slowly increase our seed capital and help jumpstart our farming ventures. We will then share the profits and grow from there.

Everyone has a different skill to bring to the table and this will make operations easier because we wouldn’t have to hire people thus reducing labour charges. For instance one member can be good in accounting, marketing while another is a horticulture expert and someone else good at strategy. The business strategist can come up with a business plan of the venture you have all agreed on, the horticulturalist grows the crops, the marketer sells the crops and the accounting guy does the math.

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Pooling all these resources together can boost our growth rate and enable us to initiate our agribusiness venture. We can do this together if no one can help us. Let us stand together and grow together. In short, let us form youth groups of people who share the same interest with us and build an agribusiness venture that will empower all of us.

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  • Joseph Boit

    Joseph is the founder of Graduate Farmer, a Kenyan online platform that provides resources and tools to help farmers improve their agricultural practices and increase their productivity. Joseph is a passionate follower of Christ and farmer who loves to use technology to make a positive impact on people's lives.

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