Many students who have graduated from University and Colleges in Kenya don’t care much about forming youth groups. They have this mentality that youth groups are for the poor and those who did not go to school. They easily forget the whole definition of what a “Youth Group” means and what it is all about.

Youth groups in Kenya are formed with one purpose in mind; To empower the youth. It through this empowerment that we get the necessary skills to succeed in life even if we do not have the man power or resources as an individual to perform a particular activity. With all the unemployment problems in Kenya forming a youth group is the only way some of the youths in Kenya can get out of their predicaments. We pool our resources as youths and engage in an activity that will benefit us all.

This article however, will not talk about the different kinds of economic activities you can do in a youth group. It will only focus on one economic activity…how having a youth group or being in a youth group can help you in farming. The following are reasons are reasons why you should form a youth farming group in Kenya;

  • Financial Opportunities- Having a youth group gives you an advantage when you ask for financial assistance from an organization or individual. It is easier for people to give you their money if they know the chances of it being refunded back is higher than giving it all to just one person. e.g Banks can give you a loan of up-to Ksh. 500,000 to start a greenhouse project if you deposit Ksh. 30,000 with them (Refer to this article for more information about this)
  • Skills- Farming requires skills and not everyone has the skills or has the passion of farming. Being in a youth group gives you access to people with different skills and you can all combine what you know to come up with a working agribusiness plan. If your youth group has 10 members and 2 of them studied business in college,3 did agriculture, 1 environmental science, 2 Architecture and 2 Marketing then you can all allocate roles to play according to qualifications to ensure maximum success.
  • Generating Income- By forming a youth group and engaging in an activity you will be able to generate an income for yourself after selling your produce and dividing net profit. This will offer you an opportunity that you might have gotten if you were alone.
  • Empowerment- If you are graduate from the university or college in Kenya, you can form a youth group so that you can empower the youth in your area who did not go to school. You can equip them with the skills and knowledge that they require to succeed in life and business. You can assign everyone roles to play in your farming activity and use your profits to develop an agricultural learning system to empower them further.

So i urge all the young graduates in Kenya out there. You should create your own opportunity by taking the initiative of forming or joining a youth group from your area.

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