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How to make affordable dairy feeds

For many farmers in Kenya buying dairy feeds is usually an expensive task. We went out and researched and came up with a list that has worked for many farmers in Uasin Gishu county. This dairy feed formula will enable you to make your own quality dairy feed at an affordable price of Ksh 1400.

Point to note: If you mix the ingredients well you will even get better quality feeds than in the market.

 5 Kgs Cotton seed cake Millers
 5 Kgs  Wheat Pollard  Millers
 10 Kgs  Maize Flour  Millers or Homemade
 15 Kgs  Rice bran  Rice Factory
 18 Kgs  Wheat Bran  Millers
 15 Kgs  Maize Germ  Millers
 1 Kg  Unga High Phosphorous  Agrovet
 1 Kg  Stock lime  Agrovet

TOTAL= 70 Kgs

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There are also certain local dairy feed businesses in Kenya that sell the above at a wholesale price.

Animal Feed Suppliers in Kenya

NB: Dairy feed formulation should be done with caution and according to your cows’ needs. Please do thorough research before mixing feed on your own.

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  1. Hi guys i live in uasingishu kindly can i get an extension service for dairy feeds making i am ready to buy the ingredients. Otherwise keep it up helping famers

  2. Am a young pig farmer just about to enjoy the first fruits. I however have realized that most of what I will get will be just to cover the price of feeds. I will appreciate any assistance I can get on sources of quality affordable/ cheap raw material for pig feed and the best feed formulation.

  3. thanks for the formula on animal feed preparation,but just a concern how about the ratio of protein? i feel it too low,please advice

    1. The formula depends with your cow needs and available feeds. This was posted from a farmer in Kapseret Uasin Gishu who feeds lucerne and sunflower crops alongside hay and silage.

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