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How to find market in Kenya for your produce

1. Research before planting– You need to research about the market demand before planting any crop in your farm. If the demand is low then you need to change your business plan and move to the next crop. The demand of a product is important because it also affects the selling price.

2. Apply for tenders– Many schools and organizations offer tenders for the supply of agricultural produce. Contact your nearest school and ask if they have any tenders for supply that is open.

3.Transport– The price for maize in Eldoret is different from Nairobi and Nakuru therefore find a means of transporting your produce to another town, city or country for selling. If you do not own a lorry or pickup truck you can hire one but this will be a little expensive depending on the distance you are transporting.

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4. Create your own market– If you really believe your product is worth it and necessary, then you can go ahead and create your own market. Try and demonstrate to your community the importance of your product and how it will benefit them. Identify a problem they are facing and use your product as the solution. If you are rearing Rabbits in Kenya you can start by introducing Rabbit eating slowly by making samosas made from Rabbit meat,you will be surprised how people will love it and ask for more!

To get a complete guide on how to find market for your farm produce click HERE

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    How can i contact contracts to supply cabbages, onions, courgettes or capsicums. I have 2 acres and irrigation equipment in nakuru.

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    I have half an acre of quality sweet potatoes to be harvested from 15th August 2016. Price kshs .50/ per kg farm gate price. Location Kagio Kirinyaga County.

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    niko na sweet potatoes to be harvested now but market ndo sina. connect me with one. nyamira county. ikonge

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    looking for markert to sell fredh tomatoes and red and yellow capsicum in bulk fresh from the farm

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    I have catfish and tilapia for sell

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    I have potatoes, cabbages and onions and am looking for a tender to be a supplier. How can you help me.

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    I have fresh dhania in the farm .Help me find market quickly.

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    Is this website stil active?

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    Hi,am not a farmer but am trying to get into buying products from Farmers and supply them to the market. Problem is that am not sure how to start and where to find the market.

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